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"Five Deadly Fighters" (きょうのギニューとくせんたい Kyōfu no Ginyū Tokusentai, lit. "The Terrible Ginyu Special-Squad") is the seventy ninth chapter of Dragon Ball Z and the two hundred seventy-third overall chapter of the Dragon Ball manga.


The cover of this chapter shows all members of the Ginyu Force standing behind each other and ordered by height, from the shortest to the tallest.


Having arrived at the location of the five Dragon Balls a split second before Vegeta, Krillin, and Gohan, the Ginyu Force appear to be in control. Captain Ginyu notes that the five balls there plus the two Vegeta and Krillin are carrying makes all seven. Vegeta vows not to hand his ball over, while Kuririn senses the group's power levels. He notices that Ginyu is by far the strongest, while Guldo is much weaker than the rest.

Krillin and Gohan power up

After Ginyu confirms to Vegeta that the scouters cannot track Dragon Balls, Vegeta hurls his away, only for the speedy Burter to quickly grab it in midair and return. Ginyu claims that Burter is the "fastest in the universe." Desperate, Vegeta tells Kuririn to destroy his Dragon Ball, but when he brings his hand down to strike it, the ball disappears. The group notices that Guldo has the ball, and Vegeta says that he had heard rumors that Guldo can stop time. Ginyu tells the rest of the Force to take out Vegeta, Kuririn, and Gohan while he brings the Dragon Balls to Frieza. The four remaining Ginyus play a game of rock-paper-scissor to determine who fights who, and Recoome wins, getting Vegeta. Guldo ends up getting Gohan and Kuririn.

Vegeta asks Kuririn and Gohan if Goku is really on Namek, noting that he could be helpful. Kuririn informs him that Goku is on his way and should arrive soon. Recoome tells Guldo to fight first. Gohan and Kuririn power up, drastically raising their Power Levels, to the visible surprise of Jeice, Recoome, and Burter. They fly into the air and each fire a Ki Blast at Guldo.





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