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Five-Way Fusion (5人合体 Go-nin Gattai, Fusion of five people) or 五身融合 (Go-shin Yūgō lit. Assimilation of five bodies) is a powerful fusion technique developed by the Ginyu Force, it involves five fighters fusing to make one powerful warrior.


Like the Metamoran Fusion Dance the 5 fusees perform dance-like poses in sync with each other to fuse. However, due to the number of people involved, the fusion produced by the technique is more powerful. The resulting fusion's gender is determined by the one who initiated the fusion (for example it will be female if initiated by Pan or female Tekka). Though powerful, the fusion's time is limited, even lesser time than Metamoran fusion. In Dragon Ball Fusions, the Five-Way Fusion can be activated once the Ultra Gauge is at least half-way full. Using the Five-Way Fusion causes the Ultra Gauge to deplete even when it is full. However its power more than makes up for this, as long as the fusion produced finishes off their opponents quickly before the Fusion runs out. It should be noted that performing an Five-Way Fusion will revive any KO'd teammates to perform the Fusion and after they defuse, the revived KO'd teammates can rejoin the fight. Thus Five-Way Fusion can be used as a way to revive defeated allies.

The Ginyu Force developed this technique to use as a group, they later taught it to Tekka's team, who could use it to become the Ultra Fusion. Ginyu then went on to teach it to his master, Lord Frieza, so that he could use it in his plans, allowing Frieza (who had teamed up with Cell) to later form Ultra Pinich.

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