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Fist Cannonball is an Energy Sphere used by Kefla.


Kefla charges a green ki sphere in her hand and throws it into her opponent. The attack zigzags during the flight making it extremely hard to reflect, after hitting the target, it explodes with green energy.


Kefla used this attack against Goku during the Tournament of Power.

Video Game Appearances

It is first seen being used by Kefla in Super Dragon Ball Heroes.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Extra Pack 3, her Gigantic Breaker Super Skill accidentally turns into a Fist Cannonball whenever her energy sphere enhanced punch fails to hit causing her to trip and lose focus releasing the energy sphere that was focused into her hand as a Fist Cannonball which flies straight forward due to the momentum of her missed punch causing damage to any opponent it hits. As a result, Kelfa or the Future Warrior can perform it accidentally by missing or intentionally miss by attacking from out of range which causes the punch to miss while the energy sphere keeps travelling. However the Fist Cannonball causes less damage and tripping leaves the user momentarily vulnerable. Interestingly, Gigantic Breaker's Skill description fails to mention this aspect of the Gigantic Breaker Super Skill.



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