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Fishmen and Zoonamites are a race of humanoid fish dwelling in various waters. In appearance, Fishmen have fins similar to that of a mermaid, and Zoonamites are smaller and muscular versions of Zoonama.


A Zoonamite

An alien resembling a hybrid of Fishman and Cui's race appears in the Frieza Saga. The Fishman Arqua appears in the Other World Saga. Fishmen-like aliens appear in the Space Saga. The Zoonamite Zoonama appears in the Black Star Dragon Ball Saga.

Fishmen appear in Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans, and similar enemies called Zoonamites appear in Dragon Ball GT: Transformation. The Zoonamites in GT: Transformation include Royal Zoonamites (who wield tridents), Fire Zoonamites, and Polar Zoonamites. There are three types of fishmen in Attack of the Saiyans: Magman, Fishman, and Man-Fish; all of which are the same monster with different stats and a palette swap.

A Frieza soldier identical to Arqua, though wearing Battle Armor, appears in the Resurrection ‘F’ manga.

Comfrey of Team Universe 9 is an amphibian alien who also resembles the Fishman race.



The red version of fishmen, dwelling in the magma of Kiwi Volcano. The scouter gives them the following stats:



Those teal creatures dwell in the Hermit Spring. The scouter gives them the following stats:

  • Power Level of 257.
  • HP of 600
  • EXP given is 660
  • AP given is 54
  • 210 Zeni given



The purple version of fishmen that lives in the Pirate Cave. The scouter gives them the following stats:

  • Power Level of 449.
  • HP of 680
  • EXP given is 720
  • AP given is 54
  • 420 Zeni given


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