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The Fire Safety Kids are two siblings that live in West City. The older one is a female, and the younger is male.


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Goku's Fire Brigade[]


The kids watching the fire at Bulma's apartment

When playing in the park one day, they set off fireworks that go in different directions. They met Goku when he stopped one of them and they were told not to play with fire or fireworks unsupervised. Goku introduced the kids to the rest of the West City Fire Brigade who told them not to leave gas stoves on and the cigarettes could even burn a house down. That night, both of them informed their parents about this to prevent their house from catching on fire.

The next day when heading to school, they both recognized the fire occurring at Bulma's apartment that happened seconds after an Earthquake and the brother reported it. After Goku saved Bulma and Scratch they thank the kids for reporting the fire.

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