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Fire Demons are a race of demons made of fire. They appear in the video game Dragon Ball Z: Attack of the Saiyans. There are three of these demons in the game: Furnace Flame, Evil Flame and Demon Flame.

Evil Flame

Evil Flame was sealed in the Divine Crossing by Master Mutaito several years before the events of the game. In Attack of the Saiyans, Evil Flame is released from his prison by Tien Shinhan who was seeking power. The beast tricks Tien into breaking its seal, and then possesses Chiaotzu. Tien proceeds to realize the Evil Flame is too fast to attack. Tien then draws him out and, after Master Mutaito's spirit reminds him of his own speed and his third eye, Tien uses his newly acquired Multi-form Attack to combat it from four different angles.

Demon Flame

Demon Flame is an optional boss found in the Furnace of Eight Divisions. It is a very strong Fire Demon who gives a lot of EXP and AP, although the Crystal Ball gives the Demon Flame a power level of zero.

Furnace Flame

Furnace Flame

Furnace Flame fighting Krillin, Goku and Yamcha

Furnace Flame is a boss villain which resides in the Spirit Furnace. It needs to be defeated in order to pass and block the hole which caused the fire at Ox-King's castle to start again. It is different to most Fire Demons, as it is blue, which indicates that it is a gas flame.

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