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Finish Flash (フィニッシュフラッシュ Finisshu Furasshu)[1] is an Energy Bwam used by Gotenks in his Super Saiyan 3 form.


Gotenks emits a large amount of ki from his two hands, burning up his opponent.

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Gotenks charges the Finish Flash

Gotenks uses the Finish Flash against Super Buu when he fights him outside of the Hyperbolic Time Chamber. After cutting the Majin in half with the Splitting Headache, Gotenks fires the Finish Flash to blow the two halves into little pieces. However, the pieces which surround Gotenks wrap up and join together to reform Super Buu, allowing him to squeeze Gotenks and send him crashing into the nearby canyon rocks.

Finish Flash is named only in the Japanese version of Dragon Ball Z and in Daizenshuu 7.




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