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Finger Beam[3][6] (フィンガービーム[2] Fingā Bīmu) is an energy wave used by many fighters.


The user holds out their index finger and releases an energy beam from their fingertip. Whilst not inherently distinct from a regular Ki blast many of these techniques are intended to be released as precise, focused beams, and often have drilling or other penetrative properties; as opposed to the explosive effects of most Ki blasts.


Salza fires a Finger Beam

King Piccolo uses it to prevent Goku from using his Power Pole to dodge his Explosive Demon Wave. Piccolo uses it to destroy some falling debris before it falls on a woman and her child.

Vegeta uses a version called Galick Beam.

Yamcha uses one in an Energy Clash against Tien Shinhan's Tri-Beam during their training on The Lookout.[7]

Nappa uses a Finger Beam of electricity when attacking a city in Dragon Ball Z anime filler during the three hours wait for Goku.[8]

Cui is seen injuring a boy named Bun with a Finger Beam during the latter's flashback.

The Namekian Elder Moori uses finger beams to destroy the scouters of Frieza and his soldiers (one of soldiers being Dodoria).

Jeice and Burter use Finger Beams as part of their Crasher Cannon technique.

Captain Ginyu uses a barrage version called Visionary Attack against Goku.

Frieza is a notable user of Finger Beams, typically as a sign of a lack of struggle in dealing with opponents. He uses his specialized Death Beam to attack many individuals, particularly on Namek, killing Cargo (in the manga), Dende and Vegeta with the technique and injuring Goku and Piccolo.

The Finger Beam is also a signature move used by the duo Future Android 17 and Future Android 18 on various occasions, notably during Future Krillin's assassination, during the destruction of West City and its people, and in the battles with Future Gohan and Future Trunks.

Super Saiyan Gotenks and Piccolo use Finger Beams to fry pieces of Super Buu after he was blasted by Gotenks' Super Ghost Kamikaze Attack, however, the Majin is able to regenerate.[9]

Goku fires a finger blast inside Buu while Vegeta uses his Galick Beam.[10]

Super Buu fires a Finger Beam

Super Buu's Finger Beam looks similar to his Vanishing Beam. He uses the attack against Gotenks, who splits back into Goten and Trunks right before the blast hits him.[11] He uses it again in an attempt to kill Dende and Mr. Satan, but the blast is destroyed by Tien Shinhan's Tri-Beam.[12]

Kid Buu is seen using a Finger Beam to kill Alpha-seijins during a flashback, as well as to destroy planets.[13]

In Dragon Ball Super, Gohan is shown using a Finger Beam, titling it "Great Saiyaman Beam", to knock out one of the Duo of Robbers who was possessed by Watagash after nearly giving himself away with a Kamehameha instead. This forced Watagash out of his body and fled for the time being.

During the Tournament of Power, Super Saiyan God Goku uses his own variant against Caulifla and Kale, where he points his finger in a gun-like fashion and fires ki-blasts - only for them to dodge.

Omega Shenron's red Finger Beam

Omega Shenron uses the Finger Beam to destroy Bulma's Blutz Wave Generator and during his battle against Goku and Vegeta in their Super Saiyan 4 forms (Omega Shenron uses yellow, red and green Finger Beams and also uses a red version of the Finger Blitz Barrage).

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Turles fires his finger blasts from his index and middle fingertips, and uses it to attack Icarus in order to make Gohan angry and draw out his Great Ape form.

In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, The evil Namekian Lord Slug uses a Finger Beam to kill his henchman Commander Zeeun for making a foolish comment regarding Lord Slug's age.

In Dragon Ball Z: Cooler's Revenge, Salza used it on various occasions while on Earth with Cooler, and can even use the five shot version Scatter Finger Beam.

In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Android 13 is also capable of firing finger beams, with the beams being large enough to virtually eclipse Goku.

In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Zangya, Bido and Bujin use red finger beams against Gohan (although Bido also uses a two handed version of the Scatter Finger Beam called Brave Gatling).


Mercenary Tao fires the Dodon Ray in Mystical Adventure

Piccolo fires the Special Beam Cannon at Raditz

Frieza firing the Barrage Death Beam at Goku

Super Perfect Cell charges the Full Power Death Beam against Future Trunks

Ultimate Gohan using Thunder Bullet in Dragon Ball Super

  • Thunder Bullet - A finger beam variant used by Ultimate Gohan. Was named in Dragon Ball Legends where it appears as the Special Quirk Skill Arts for Ultimate Gohan (DBL26-02S).[5]
  • Justice Beam - A Finger Beam used by Top

Salza fires the Scatter Finger Beam at Krillin

Beerus fires the Wrath of the God of Destruction at Goku

  • Wrath of the God of Destruction – A Finger Beam attack used by Beerus.
  • Transfiguration BeamMajuub is able to shoot this technique through of his index fingers.
  • Flash BomberSuper 17 is capable to use all his fingers to fire a barrage of energy waves.
  • Dragon ThunderRage Shenron and Omega Shenron usually are able of to fire this electricity technique through of their index fingers.
    • Magical Thunder - A magical technique similar to Dragon Thunder used by Dabura, Damira, Demon King Daccolo, Fused Zamasu, Offworlder Tekka, and several minor characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.
      • Psychic Thunder - A stronger version of Magical Thunder learn by Dabura, Damira, Demon King Daccolo, Fused Zamasu, Offworlder Tekka, and several minor characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.
        • Illusion Thunder - A version of Magical Thunder even stronger than Psychic Thunder that can be learned by Dabura, Damira, Demon King Daccolo, Fused Zamasu, Offworlder Tekka, and several minor characters in Dragon Ball Fusions.
          • Illusion Beam Cannon - The combination of Illusion Thunder and Full Power Special Beam Cannon that appears as a Special Move in Dragon Ball Fusions.
          • Illusion Dodon Ray - The combination of Illusion Thunder and Ultra Dodon Ray that appears as a Special Move in Dragon Ball Fusions.
  • Focal Point - A finger beam variation used by Omega Shenron. Named in Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game. The attack is named Dark Dragon Shooting Bullet (暗黒龍殺弾) and is a Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, its english name is localized as Dark Dragon Beam and can be learned by all Hero Avatars (regardless of type, race, or gender) after it is obtained via a wish to Super Shenron.

Android 21 firing her Photon Swipe variation of Photon Wave in Dragon Ball FighterZ

Video Game Appearances

The attack is used by the Future Androids in Dragon Ball Z: Sagas. Finger Beam is a Blast 2 used by Lord Slug in the Budokai Tenkaichi series and a super attack used by Frieza in his third form in the Raging Blast series and Dragon Ball Z: Ultimate Tenkaichi; when Frieza uses it, he fires two beams at the same time, from the index fingers on each hand. In the Budokai Tenkaichi series and the Raging Blast series, Android 18 uses the finger beam to end her Rush Attack (Sadistic 18). Syn Shenron uses his green Finger Beam in Dragon Ball Heroes. In Dragon Ball Z: Dokkan Battle and Dragon Ball Heroes, Kami fires an energy sphere from his index finger called Dragon Light Bullet.


  • In the Bleach manga, Sternritter member Bazz-B can do the finger beam in various ways, Such as using his three special moves: Burner Finger 1, Burner Finger 2 and Burner Finger 3, which creates lava instead doing a destructive blast upon impact. Burning Full Fingers, is a blast used by Bazz-Bs' epihetet, "The Heat". Which he uses all five fingers to make a destructive blast in a cone of reishi-fire.
  • In both the manga and anime of One Piece, Marine Admiral Kizaru can do the finger beam in various ways as well thanks to his light energy-based Devil Fruit powers.
  • In both the manga and anime of One Piece yet again, the Shichibukai Donquixote Doflamingo can do a move that is very similar to the finger beam, the Bullet String. Except that it was not a destructive blast like the other finger beam moves as it is based on Doflamingo's string-based Devil Fruit powers.
  • In both the manga and anime of MÄR, a type of ghost called Rotkäppchen Waltzer, that was used by The Flat Sisters can do the finger beam by pointing all ten of its fingers towards it's opponent or opponents.