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Farting ( Sukashippe) is the act of passing gas.


Usually used as a gag or joke, this move tends to cause victims or targets to pass out due to the horrible stench. In some cases, the person practicing the move also combines it with the taunt variation of mooning by partially removing their pants to ensure the waft has a full effect.


Bacterian is known to use this move to incapacitate his opponents.

Krillin used this against Bacterian as a revenge after Bacterian did the same to him.

Master Roshi also used this ability on a Dinosaur when trying to retrieve the Four Star Dragon Ball in its gullet, eventually sickening the Dinosaur enough to spit out the Four Star Dragon Ball towards Master Roshi's head. Roshi implied that this was one of his oldest techniques after using it.

Film Appearances

In Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn, Veku used this move against Super Janemba.

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