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False Self Destruction is the ability to utilize a move that appears to be self-destructing but in reality does not kill the user.


Android 16 unintentionally used this ability in the anime when attempting to use his Self Destruct Device on Cell, preparing to explode and glowing blue, only to prematurely stop as a result of Bulma and Dr. Brief removing the device earlier.

In the Tournament of Power in the anime, Vegeta is able to survive his Final Explosion against Top. Android 17 used this move against Jiren in the manga.


Video Game Appearances

In Online, Bardock used this while attempting to self destruct on Mira.

In FighterZ, Android 16 used this while using Last Resort.

In Dragon Ball Legends, after being modified by Gero, 16 becomes capable of accomplishing this ability, using it as cover so he and Gero can escape.

In Xenoverse 2 as part of the 1.15.00 Update DLC, Chiaotzu CC Mascots can perform a False Self Destruction variation of Farewell, Mr. Tien as one of their Unique Actions. When they pretend to explode they produce a cloud of pink smoke.[3]


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