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Fairy (妖精 Yōsei) is a race which makes brief appearances in the Dragon Ball anime and often appears in Dragon Ball Z video games to help the Dragon Team.


Fairies are very small winged humanoids with pointed ears.



A fairy in Yajirobe's Prairie

A fairy is first seen in the anime series during the King Piccolo Saga, wandering in Yajirobe's Prairie.[1]

In video games, a fairy appears to help Gohan in some caves on Earth and on Namek in Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu.

In Dragon Ball Z Side Story: True Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans - Space Saga, Goku meets a fairy while on a planet looking for a Crystal Ball which would allow him to pass the Dark Planet's magnetic protections. She is stuck in one of the many Crystal Balls he finds, and he frees her by transforming into a Super Saiyan and breaking the Crystal Ball. The fairy tries to steal Goku's Senzu beans, but cannot escape as she's too weakened from her time been trapped - with Goku giving her one to replenish her strength anyway before she leaves. Later, the fairy repays Goku's kindness by helping him while he is fighting Giant Form Hatchiyack on the Dark Planet. She shows him the way to Hatchiyack's core inside his body, although is captured in the process - with Goku managing to destroy the core and rescue her again. Her fate after this is unknown.

Resurrection ‘F’ - The Angel of Hells welcoming Frieza back to Earth's Hell 3

A Fairy alongside the Angels of Hell

A Fairy (wearing a Bunny Costume) appears in Earth's Hell alongside the Angels of Hell.

Time Fairies appear during the Supreme Kai of Time Saga. They are divided into two groups - the Centi and the Milli.