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Eye Flash is a non-lethal technique similar in essence to the Solar Flare.


The user releases a bright flash of light from their eyes, temporarily blinding the opponent.


Piccolo uses this technique when he punches towards Frieza, but Frieza grabs his hands. In response, Piccolo fires an eye flash at Frieza, momentarily blinding him.

Baby using an Eye Flash

Caterpy, a fighter from the South Galaxy, uses this technique several times during his match against Goku in the Other World Tournament. Arqua, a fighter from the East Galaxy, uses an Eye Flash when he performs his flooding technique.

After seeing he is no match for the might of Goku, Pan and Trunks on planet Pital, Baby uses an Eye Flash to blind his opponents temporarily and flees the planet. Later, in his Adult form after leaving Vegeta's body, Baby uses an Eye Flash again, this time to blind Goten, Mr. Satan, Gohan, Pan, and Trunks while he is fleeing the battlefield.

Video Game Appearances

The version used by Adult Baby is called Imminent Destruction in the Dragon Ball Z Collectible Card Game.


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