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"You just sealed your fate Kami. That looks fun, can I play!?"
Piccolo before performing the technique against Kami (inside Hero's body).

Evil Containment Wave Reflection (魔封波返し Mafūba Gaeshi[1], lit. "Demon's Sealing Wave Reflection") is a technique developed by Piccolo.


It allows the user to reverse and capture the user of an Evil Containment Wave into a small container.


When Kami (in Hero's body) attempts to use an Evil Containment Wave to seal away Piccolo during their confrontation in the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament, Piccolo counters with the Evil Containment Wave Reflection, reversing the wave and sealing Kami instead. Piccolo later swallows the bottle with Kami so Goku can't free him.

In the Tournament of Power, Frost uses the reflection technique after he manages to trick Roshi into using the technique against Auta Magetta, only to jump in and reflect the attack onto Vegeta, who gets sealed into the bottle Roshi left behind after his previous attempt. However, before Frost can throw the bottle out of the tournament stage, Roshi shatters it with a controlled Ki blast, freeing Vegeta, and thus Frost flees.

Character meaning

  • 魔 (Ma) = Demon
  • 封 (Fū) = Seal / enclose
  • 波 (Ha/Ba) = Wave
  • 返し (Gaeshi/Kaeshi) = Return / reverse / reflect


  • Although never stated, this technique seems to be easy to perform, as both users managed to develop it quite quickly (Piccolo the first time and Frost the second time).
    • However it should be noted that in Piccolo's case he had the memories of King Piccolo who had witnessed the technique and had it used on him several times before his death at the hands of Goku and reincarnation into King Piccolo's final son, Piccolo Junior. It is also likely that Piccolo could have developed the technique during the years he trained to confront Goku at the 23rd World Martial Arts Tournament using King Piccolo's memories, as it was the one technique that King Piccolo feared. This would also fit with Piccolo's cunning and tactical personality, as he would have likely seen the Evil Containment Wave as a threat to himself as it had been to King Piccolo.