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The European Portuguese dub of the Dragon Ball anime started airing in Portugal.

Dragon Ball / Dragon Ball Z / Dragon Ball GT

Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z and Dragon Ball GT were broadcast in the years 1995–1999 by SIC. The channel purchased the French version of the anime from AB Groupe. This series was later repeated in SIC Gold, then in SIC Radical where it continued to be successful, and later in SIC K, but no success. The series was made by NOVAGA studios. Voice actors among others: António Semedo, Cristina Cavalinhos, João Loy, Henrique Feist, Ricardo Spinola and others.

The European Portuguese version, based on the French dub, however was just a parody dub. The dialogue inserted lots of cultural references that only Portuguese people would understand, and most of the characters were given bizarre distortion effects to their voices to make them sound more alien. Some characters sang opera or made humorous girl-screams when they were supposed to be shouting, and changes in the dubbing cast were at times pointed out as well - for instance, after Vegeta's voice actor was recast, he says "I'm so mad that my voice has changed".

Dragon Ball Super

Dragon Ball Super was aired on SIC and Biggs since September 24, 2016.


Prisvideo-Edições Videográficas, Lda bought the rights to distribute films on VHS tapes in 1996.

Known Voice Actors

  • Mr. Popo - Antonio Semedo (DBDBZ and DBGT), Quimbé (DBS)


  • For some reason, the European Portuguese dub were considered the best Dragon Ball anime dub ever. The anime series is a success in Portugal.
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