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Eternal Dragons are a species of wish-granting dragons who are a prominent part of the Dragon Ball franchise.


Each of the Eternal Dragons are connected to their own set of Dragon Balls, and only appear when all seven are collected and the correct "chant" is recited. After they have granted the requested wish(s), the Dragon disappears and their Dragon Balls scatter and are deactivated so the Dragon may rest, and appear when their Dragon Balls gathered once more. Despite the miraculous feats an Eternal Dragon can perform, their capacities for wish-granting cannot directly exceed the physical capacities of its creator (ex: they cannot kill someone the creator is not able to kill). At the same time, if the wisher is willing to, the Eternal Dragon can briefly bypass their normal limitations in proportion to how much life energy the wisher is willing to give up.

However, in rare cases demonic Eternal Dragons can be created either by Namekians with evil hearts or under the influence of evil, such as Mr. Poko Poko and Dark Shenron. Additionally overusing a set of Dragon Balls can cause negative energy to build up which gives birth to evil Dragons such as the Black Smoke Shenron and the seven Shadow Dragons when the Dragon Balls crack due to the buildup of negative energy. However the nature of the Shadow Dragon may be influenced by the nature of the wish that spawned it as Nuova Shenron possessed a noble heart due to being created by an extremely selfish wish. Only Demonic Eternal Dragons tied to their own set of Dragon Balls such as Dark Shenron are apparently capable of grant wishes. Other Demonic Eternal Dragons tend to serve evil beings such as Mr. Poko Poko or in the case of the Shadow Dragons cause mayhem for their own enjoyment usually justifying it as simply punishing those responsible for their existence.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, Nuova Shenron and Omega Shenron are classified as members of the Offworlder race due to their mystical, otherworldly, and demonic nature as Shadow Dragons.


In Year 41, Zalama created the Super Dragon Balls, resulting in the birth of the first Eternal Dragon: Super Shenron. Many years later, the Namekians shaved off pieces of the Super Dragon Balls in order to create their own set of Dragon Balls, resulting in the creation of several more Eternal Dragons.

List of Eternal Dragons


  • Shenron is the only Eternal Dragon to display a rather unique trait when summoned: his body appears to be constantly in motion while simultaneously staying in the position he appears in.


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