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This article is about the episode. For the soundtrack, see Escape from Piccolo (soundtrack).

"Escape from Piccolo" is the tenth episode of the Vegeta Saga and the tenth overall episode in the original Saban dub of the Dragon Ball Z series. Unlike the other Saban episodes, it originally aired on Toonami in 1998 rather than in first-run syndication. It had earlier been released to VHS on October 28, 1997.


Gohan builds a small boat and uses it to land sail across the sandy wilderness to a nearby shore. The boat is destroyed when Gohan sails it off a cliff, but he rebuilds it and continues sailing on the water. That night, a storm gathers strength overhead, hampering Piccolo's attempts to locate Gohan and causing Gohan to crash ashore and lose consciousness. A group of orphans who have been living on their own find Gohan and nurse him back to health. Gohan helps the orphans defend themselves against a few adults who are trying to take them to an orphanage, but when the adults return, the orphans' leader, Pigero, decides that the rest of the orphans will be better off at the orphanage, and he escapes with Gohan in a car. Pigero drops off Gohan at the woods near Gohan's house, but just before Gohan reaches his house, he realizes how important his training was and that he can't return home yet. Piccolo has since caught up with Gohan, and they return to the wilderness to resume their training.


  • This episode was skipped during Dragon Ball Z's original 1996-1998 syndication run.[1] The reasons for this decision are unknown, although it could be due to the fact the episode shows Gohan disrespecting authority. It was however included on Pioneer's DVD singles, and was aired when the series moved to Toonami.

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