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Escape title page


Genre Shōnen, Action, Science Fiction

Manga Series: Escape

Authored by

Akira Toriyama



Serialized in

Weekly Shōnen Jump

Original run

January 10, 1981 –

No. of volumes


Escape (エスケイプ Esukeipu) is a five-page science fiction manga by Akira Toriyama. It was first published in a special edition of Weekly Shōnen Jump on January 10, 1981, in full color.



Escape tells the very short long odyssey of a girl with purple hair who must not be seen under any circumstances. In the manner of twist endings, this story follows the same standards as the 1950s U.S. Science Fiction comics.


The story takes place in the year 2070, on the planet Umekobucha. It begins with the unnamed female protagonist with purple hair who seems to be under pursuit. She runs away from whoever is after her.


The main protagonist

The girl is startled when she comes face-to-face with a dinosaur. After the scare, she realizes that it is just a puppy. Then, she sits down behind a rock, saying that "they'll never find her there". Discression is vital for her, because she is the only one who managed to "survive" and escape.

Escape! Panel -ENG-

The main protagonist is found

Fear is seizing her when a shadow approaches. Seeing no way out, she is found. A small anthropomorphic goat friendly shouts that he found her. It turns out that the whole situation was merely a game of hide and seek, and that she was the last to be found. In the end, they announce they are starting a new game. As states the anthropomorphic goat, another protagonist who only the name is known, Scomp (Sokombu), has to seek this time. The manga ends with the words: "The world lived in peace..."


Escape was originally published in full color in a special edition of Weekly Shōnen Jump on January 10, 1981. It was republished in black and white in the second volume of the compilation of short stories Akira Toriyama's Manga Theater, in March 1988. It was later featured in color in the art book Akira Toriyama - The World Special, released on September 24, 1990. The original illustrations were published in the 1993 Akira Toriyama Exhibition catalogue, as well as in its 1995 reprint.

Relation to Dragon Ball[]


Escape characters in the Dragon Ball anime

The female protagonist as well as her anthropomorphic goat friend make cameo appearances in the Dragon Ball anime in the episode "Prelude to Vengeance" where they are seen in West City running in panic with everyone else.


The only named character in this short story is Scomp (Sokombu), but it is not revealed who he/she is. It is not the anthropomorphic goat, as he is the one who referred to Scomp.


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