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"All of existence go away!"
Future Zeno in "With New Hope in His Heart - Farewell, Trunks"

Erase (消す Kesu) is an ability used by Zeno and Future Zeno.


Zeno charges twin blue spheres of energy in his hands that is used to erase anything from existence, seemingly including immortals (the Dragon Ball Heroes manga indicates that it is ineffective against immortals who gained their immortality from the Super Dragon Balls).

Usage and Power

Zeno was implied to have used this ability on six of what were originally eighteen universes, due to being in a bad mood. However, the manga version of the Universe Survival Saga had the Grand Minister asking if Zeno was planning to erase some universes again, implying that the earlier erasure of the six had been due to his thinking that there were too many universes. Due to its nature and scope, it is currently regarded as the most powerful ability in the Dragon Ball franchise.

Future Zeno uses this ability to wipe out the immortal Infinite Zamasu and either the Universe 7 in Future Trunks' timeline (anime)[2] or the entire timeline itself (manga) - though it did not erase those who were native to the timeline but were elsewhere. In the manga version of the Universal Conflict Saga, Fused Zamasu implies that his immortality allowed him to survive Future Zeno's Erase.

Both Zeno and Future Zeno use the technique to erase Universes 9, 10, 2, 6, 43, and 11 in the Tournament of Power, including all fighters and gods except Mohito, Kusu, Sour, Vados, CognacCamparri, and Marcarita. This is undone, however, by Android 17's wish to have the universes erased in the tournament brought back. Zeno had planned that if the winner had wished for something selfish he would have erased all of existence.

This technique is absolute, not to mention extremely dangerous, that if Zeno wishes it, anyone from a universe who escaped to another universe would still vanish, no matter where or what universe they went to. In the manga, it was shown that if desired, Zeno can destroy an entire reality as the Time Ring representing Future Trunks' world was shattered upon the parallel dimension's elimination. It is implied in the Tournament of Power that, again if he wishes it, Zeno can erase all timeline incarnations of a universe, causing anyone in that said universe to disappear, implying that, as long as a single timeline remains unharmed, an alternate timeline version of the person will not be wiped out (Future Trunks and Future Mai were not erased as the present Universe 7 was never affected).


Despite being a part of the same attack, it does appear to have at least one variation of power. When Zeno and Future Zeno began erasing Universe 9, those in the Null Realm were frozen, started flashing white, and disappeared after all of Universe 9 was erased. Another version of this technique is when Zeno erased Frost and not a universe, which implies that Zeno can narrow the scope of Erase from an entire universe down to a specific target such as just one living being.

There also appears to be three different types of universe erasure. When Future Zeno erased the future timeline, Zamasu appeared to be in great pain, screaming out in agony through the entire technique to the point of erasure. However, during the Tournament of Power, those targeted by the technique were frozen and flashed out of existence, showing that if Zeno wishes, he can cause horrible pain to the victim(s) as they are being erased (most likely to punish Zamasu for what he did to the future timeline). The third variation is almost identical to the second, except they are not frozen and are able to move and talk. This variation seems to be the slowest as those targeted by it having a relatively large amount of time left to say their farewells, which implies that Zeno can control the amount of time it takes to erase something or someone. This variation was used to erase Universes 2, 6, 3, and 11.

The Grand Minister's Eradicate appears to be a lesser version of this ability.

The Supreme Kai of Time Chronoa has the power to erase timelines should she choose to however it is implied that her benevolent nature keeps her from doing so unless absolutely necessary as doing so would result in said timeline's entire history to be erased (which would result in all of its inhabitants, their histories, and Multiverse being erased).

Video Game Appearances

Erase's effects on Infinite Zamasu in Xenoverse 2.

The move makes a video game debut in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in a cutscene when Infinite Zamasu attempts to kill the Time Patrollers. Like in the anime, Future Zeno used this move to erase him from existence.

Zen-Oh CC Mascot performing Erase in Xenoverse 2

As part of the 1.15.00 Update DLC, Zen-Oh type CC Mascots can perform the energy sphere portion of Erase but since CC Mascots are essentially toys to help alleviate stress among Time Patrollers, it doesn't actually erase anything (either for safety reasons and/or due to the Capsule Corporation being unable/unwilling to replicate the Omni-King's power).

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, during the Tournament of Power portion of Story Mode, Zeno attempts to erase Sealas after he forfeits the Tournament of Power, but he exits the timespace before he can be removed from existence.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes, after becoming the Ultimate Godslayer, Hearts erases Fused Zamasu.


  • This technique has the highest "kill" count.
  • Super Shenron seems to be the only being capable of restoring Universes that Zeno erased.
  • In the Xenoverse series, it is shown that Future Trunks' timeline officially ends at Age 796 with the timeline itself still being a part of the official history suggesting that Future Zeno only erased the timeline's Future Multiverse (which due to Project Zero Mortals was left in a state beyond repair as the Zamases had destroyed all the Dragon Balls and killed all the remaining Supreme Kais resulting in the deaths of the remaining Gods of Destruction, causing their Guide Angels to cease to exist) as the events leading up to Future Zeno's eraser of Infinite Zamasu and Future Zeno leaving to take up residence in the main timeline are still recorded in the Scroll of Eternity.
    • Additionally in World Mission, Sealas is able to evade Erase by leaving, escaping into timespace.
      • While Infinite Zamasu's erasure in Xenoverse 2 seems to contradict this, it should be noted this was due to Infinite Zamasu being Erased in Age 796 which caused his immortal essence that threatened to merge with all of reality to be erased as well, as Chronoa noted that Infinite Zamasu couldn't escape his fate as the Time Patrol had managed to ensure Future Zeno would be summoned to erase Infinite Zamasu in Age 796, which in turn would erase Infinite Zamasu that was trying to merge with the main timeline and Time Nest. Additionally the Xenoverse series and World Mission apparently take place in separate video game continuities.


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