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"Of course, being the friend of a daughter of a celebrity is pretty good too you know."
— "Gohan Goes to High School"

Erasa (イレーザ Irēza) is one of the Orange Star High School students who are from Satan City. Normally, she is a very talkative person and she spends a lot of time with Videl, her best friend, along with Gohan and Sharpner.


Erasa is a blonde girl with a lined green tube top and blue jeans. During the tournament, she wore a different look consisting of a cropped tube top showing off some cleavage from the stomach & upper back and brown shorts.


She is very sweet and cheerful compared to Videl's personality who is tough and tomboyish. Erasa becomes good friends with both Videl and Gohan. Naturally extroverted, she did not hesitate on flirting with Gohan.


Dragon Ball Z

Majin Buu Saga

Main articles: Great Saiyaman Saga, World Tournament Saga, and Kid Buu Saga

Erasa in class

It is she who asks Gohan to sit near her during class and to go and study at his house. She is also the one who introduces to Gohan the fact that Videl is Mr. Satan's daughter and, ironically, how Gohan should thank Videl's dad that they are still alive. This is ironic because she is talking to the actual savior of the Earth from Cell, Gohan.

Later, Erasa comes to Papaya Island with Sharpner to watch the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament and was very confident that Videl would win against Spopovich. However, after she was brutally defeated, Erasa was very horrified along with the rest of the crowd.

Sharpner and Erasa at the 25th World Tournament

When Gohan's turn came, he accidentally let his Great Saiyaman disguise fall off in a fury while watching Videl's brutal defeat, and while Sharpner was surprised at this revelation, Erasa merely thought that Gohan was using the name because he was shy. Then she and the crowd shouted out cheering for him, despite thinking he does not know martial arts. However, Erasa was speechless and surprised when she discovers that Gohan was the "Golden Fighter" as well. She remarks that he certainly is talented.

She was presumably killed along with the rest of the people of Earth when Super Buu uses his Human Extinction Attack, as only skilled martial artists like Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu are seen being able to dodge the blasts. She is later wished back with the Dragon Balls, and is seen giving up her energy for Goku's Super Spirit Bomb along with Sharpner and the others at the school, all cheering for Mr. Satan, whom they thought was the one they were giving their energy to.

Film Appearances

Wrath of the Dragon

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon She appears briefly, but has no lines.

Video Game Appearances

Erasa in Buu's Fury

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Erasa's hairstyle appears as Custom Hair Option Type 27 for female Saiyans and Earthlings.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, Erasa appears as an NPC.

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  • Erasa's name comes from eraser, as in school stationary.
    • Erasa's name forms a pair with her classmate Sharpner.
  • In Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2, if you select the World Tournament to fight in, a girl with blue hair closely resembles Erasa.
  • In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Female Saiyan/Earthling (as Earthlings and Saiyans share hairstyle types) Head/Hair option Type 27 resembles Erasa's hairstyle, which make sense as Type 28 is based upon Videl's original pigtail hairstyle. As a result using Character Customization, it is possible to make a female Earthling or Saiyan Future Warrior resemble Erasa (though unlike Videl, there is currently no equipment based on Erasa's clothes though the upper body portion of Launch's Clothes somewhat resembles Erasa's top allowing it to act as a substitute).


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