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"Master Roshi received his Flying Nimbus from Korin. It is actually a small fragment of a much, much larger Flying Nimbus cloud."
Secrets of the Flying Nimbus 1 Z Encyclopedia sub entry in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

The Enormous Nimbus (でっかい筋斗雲 Dekkai Kinto'un) is an enormous golden cloud. It is the large family of Flying Nimbus from which Goku's Nimbus was only a small part of.


Korin possesses several Nimbus stored together as this single large Nimbus. After Goku's original Nimbus was destroyed by Tambourine, Korin summons the Enormous Nimbus to Korin Tower and allows Goku to choose a new one from this stock.[3][4] Goku keeps this Nimbus throughout Dragon Ball, Dragon Ball Z, and briefly while in the Forest of Terror in Dragon Ball Super, being used by Goku, his two sons Gohan and Goten, and Uub in the rest of the series.

Video Games

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in the Hercule's House Time Miniature rift, the Earthling Future Warrior recieves the Flying Nimbus Goku got from Korin's Enormous Nimbus and the Power Pole from Great Saiyaman 1 who got it from Goku to use as part of their Power Pole Pro Awoken Skill "transformation" which allows them to summon the Flying Nimbus to ride as they wield the Power Pole when the Awoken Skill is used.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, it is referenced in the Secret of the Flying Nimbus 1 sub entry for the Z Encyclopedia's Flying Nimbus entry.


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