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An Engineer

Engineer エンジニア (Enjinia) was planned to be the third starting career available to the Human race in Dragon Ball Online, the two others being Martial Artist and Spiritualist.


Dragon Ball Online[]

Engineers are mechanics and inventors who build weapons and utilize technology. Although there has been word of the Engineer class prior to even the game's beta phase, it was not released as a playable career. With its release, the Engineer class would have been the third starting class available to Humans; making Humans the first of the three races to have more than two core classes. Also, since each of the races are already balanced with both a physical and a spiritual starting class (Martial Artist and Spiritualist, in this case), it is unknown what type of damage Engineers would have dealt.

Once reaching the required level of skill, Engineers would have been able to take on one of two secondary careers: Gun Maniac or Mech Maniac.