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Energy Waves (エネルギー波 Enerugī-ha), or Ki Waves (こう Kikōha, lit. "Energy Cultivation Wave"),[1] or sometimes informally known as Energy Palm Wave are generic terms for numerous ki-based wave attacks in the Dragon Ball franchise.



Gohan fires an energy beam on a log

In essence, energy waves are a type of technique where their user utilizes an assortment of ki-based waves, cast from (but not limited to) their palms, nose, fingertips, eyes, body, or mouth. They make their debut with the Kamehameha in the Dragon Ball manga and anime. Such techniques have since made appearances in almost every Dragon Ball video game. The color of the aura they emit varies between users (for example, Kamehamehas launched by various users have ranged in color between blue, red and yellow). Energy Waves often vary greatly upon how much concentrated power is exerted through by the user, with results in the attack being a small beam-like technique to full powered blast which, depending upon the amount of energy concentrated, can decimate an entire city or landscape, and easily kill a weaker opponent.


Goku and Vegeta firing Energy Waves

In the Japanese version, Piccolo and Gohan call their energy waves Makōhō (魔光砲 lit. "Devil Light Cannon"). In the English version of the Dragon Ball manga, Goku refers to his energy wave as a "fireball". In the reenactment of the Cell Games, Energy Waves are also referred to as "fireballs". The most commonly seen energy waves in the series are the Kamehameha and Continuous Energy Bullets. Some of these waves can also home in on their targets, and with enough energy, their power, speed, force and size can be augmented. These attacks are capable of being improved as their users' concentrations becomes more adept or as they assume some type of transformation. The more powerful version of the energy Wave technique is called Full Power Energy Wave. The user needs to have full control of the attack, or it can go out of control, as with Goten's version of the Kamehameha while fighting Trunks in the final of the 25th World Martial Arts Tournament's junior division.

Video Game Appearances[]

Energy Wave appears in Dragon Ball Heroes as the default Super Attack for Male Saiyan Hero Avatars. It also appears as the Super Attack of Goku Black during the first battle against him in the "Future" Trunks Saga added in God Mission 9.