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"His energy created a pressure field, which functions as a kind of barrier."
Anato explaining how Jiren blocked Goku's Kamehameha in "The Mightiest Enemy Zeroes in on Goku! Launch the Knockout Spirit Bomb Now!"

Energy Shield (気のバリヤ Ki no Bariya), Energy Barrier or simply Barrier (バリヤ Bariya), is a technique used to generate an energy shield around the user to protect them from attacks.


This is a result of using very advanced ki manipulation to compress the energy to the point of being hermetically sealed so that nothing more than voices (in an atmosphere) or low energy photons, such as visible light, can pass through it. It seems that anyone who can use ki can use the technique, however it may require some practice. Depending on the strength of the user, an energy shield can be strong enough to completely withstand being caught in the destruction of a planet, as demonstrated by Broly's first use of his infantile powers during Frieza's Genocide against the Saiyans.



Goku uses an energy shield

Goku uses it one to defend himself from a Scatter Finger Beam while charging a One-Handed Kamehameha during his second battle against King Piccolo.

Gohan uses it to stop him, Krillin, and Piccolo from being sucked into the Dead Zone, although this was most likely a stronger version as it was able to stop them from being pulled in the slightest.

In Dragon Ball Z: The History of Trunks, Super Saiyan Future Gohan uses Tenma Defense when he fights the androids.

It is also seen in one of Vegeta's flashbacks being used by his father, King Vegeta.

After being absorbed by Super Buu, Vegito used a skin-level Energy Shield to prevent him from being completely assimilated into the monster. This technique is called Saiyan Shield in the Raging Blast series.

During the Tournament of Power, during Goku and Vegeta's fight against Universe 9, they used a Saiyan Barrier similar to Vegito's, to protect themselves in combat. Jiren also uses the ability to block Goku's Kamehameha and used it during his fight with Hit.

Goku creates barriers from a long distance to protect Vegeta and later Granolah from Gas.[14][15]

In Dragon Ball GT, Hyper-Meta Rilldo uses an Energy Shield to protect himself from Super Saiyan Goku's Continuous Kamehameha.

During the Universe Creation Saga, Vegito used a combination of his Super Saiyan Blue aura and his Saiyan Barrier to prevent Fu from using Cumber's malicious aura to corrupt him, as the scientist had done to his fusees prior.

Film Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might, Goku uses an energy shield as to protect himself from Daiz and Cacao's combined Full Power Energy Waves.


Lord Slug uses an energy shield in Lord Slug

In Dragon Ball Z: Lord Slug, Lord Slug used an Energy Shield to counter Goku's first blast on him.

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan, Broly (as a baby, no less) uses it to save himself and his father, Paragus from a dying Planet Vegeta.

Psycho Barrier

Bojack's Psycho Barrier in Bojack Unbound

In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Bojack uses Psycho Barrier to protect himself from Super Saiyan Future Trunks' Saiyan Rapid Fire.

In Dragon Ball Z: Broly - Second Coming, Gohan uses Tenma Defense to protect Goten, Videl, and Trunks from Broly's Eraser Cannon. later Broly uses Gigantic Slam to escape from a sea of lava, and lastly, he briefly attempts to use it to block Gohan, Goten, and Goku's Family Kamehameha, but breaks apart and is rocketed towards the sun and is defeated.

In Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, Vegeta emits an Energy Barrier from his hands in a fashion similar to Final Flash to protect civilians from Hirudegarn's Fire Breath.

In Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, Gamma 2 produces an Android Barrier to defend against Ultimate Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon. Cell Max uses Max Barrier shortly after being activated by the dying Magenta.

Other Dragon Ball stories[]


Dr. Lychee uses Dark Spirits

In Dragon Ball: Plan to Eradicate the Saiyans, Dr. Lychee uses Dark Spirits protect himself from the Dragon Team's attacks. The Destron Gas machines he sent to West City also is protected by cybernetic Energy Shield which is capable of supporting even the power of Vegeta's Photon Bomber.

Types of Energy Barrier[]

Android Barrier[]


Android 17 using the Android Barrier technique

Red Ribbon Androids have their own version of the Energy Shield known as the Android Barrier. The Android Barrier was first used by Android 17 (his is bluish green in color) to block Piccolo's Hellzone Grenade and seems to be his most used technique. Android 18 is also equipped with an Android Barrier (hers is pink in color), though she rarely uses it. In Dragon Ball Z: Super Android 13!, Android 15 used the Android Barrier to protect himself from Future Trunks' Continuous Energy Bullets. Super Android 13 is also equipped with an Android Barrier (used in video games, his is red in color, same as his ki attacks). The Android Barrier has been proved to have offensive capabilities as shown by Android 17 during the Tournament of Power.


Semi-Perfect Cell using Energy Shield to achieve his perfect form

Cell used a barrier in order to completely absorb Android 18 without interference. Perfect Cell uses an even stronger barrier version (the largest of all barrier techniques), called the Perfect Barrier, during the Cell Games. In Dragon Ball GT, Super 17 retains his original barrier, but it also seems to gain the ability to absorb ki-based attacks (the barrier is invisible during this process), this is called the Absorption Barrier.


The Ki-based shields are most common type of energy shield used by various fighters throughout the series such as Goku, Gohan/Future Gohan, Vegeta, and Broly. Sometimes in the main series and video games, an Explosive Wave-based technique, Kiai (Spirit Shot & Angry Shout), or even a powerful aura (Hyper Guard, Power Guard, & Vanisher Guard) can be used defensively to nullify attacks functioning as a both a form of energy shield as well in some cases as an offensive technique, with additional effects such as pushing back and/or damaging the opponent.

During the Vegeta Saga, Nappa was the first person in the series to demonstrate that a powerful aura can be used to nullify attacks through his aura-based Hyper Guard technique.

In Dragon Ball Z: Bojack Unbound, Bojack uses his own aura-based technique called Power Guard.


Goku's Barrier to counter Lavender's Poison Blow

In the Tournament of Power, Goku and Vegeta use a skin tight variant of the energy shield which allows them to take hits from Lavender's poison fists without being poisoned and attack him at the same time.


Jiren's Ki repelling Goku's Kamehameha

Jiren's ki is so powerful that it serves as a barrier to weaker attacks just by standing, as it was for Goku's Kamehameha.


Majuub performing Brutal Buster inside of Great Ape Baby

During the Baby Saga, while inside of Golden Great Ape Baby Vegeta's body after having his Chocolate Kamehameha reflected by Baby and consumed previously by the Tuffle Neo Machine Mutant, Majuub uses a Kiai shield variant of Angry Shout to attack Great Ape Baby Vegeta from within. As part of the Ultra Pack 2 DLC, this technique was named Brutal Buster in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 where it appears as Majuub's signature Evasive Skill.

SSGSS Barrier

Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Barrier Vegito unaffected by Cumber's Evil Aura thanks to his new technique in the Super Dragon Ball Heroes anime

During the Universe Creation Saga, Vegito combines his Saiyan Barrier with the aura of Super Saiyan Blue to produce Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Barrier which he uses to protect himself from Cumber's Evil Aura to prevent himself from turning into Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan (Berserk) while fight Super Fu.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse, there are several ki-based energy shield/barrier techniques: Super Guard, Spirit Boost, and Force Shield. Explosive Wave, Super Explosive Wave, and Break Strike are Explosive Wave techniques can double as energy shields as well. The Kiai-based Spirit Explosion and Angry Shout can function as energy shields as well. The game even features an aura-based technique used by Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta called Vanisher Guard. Most of these techniques are Evasive Skills though some like Spirit Boost and Super Guard are defensive Super Skills. Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta uses an counteroffensive ki-based energy shield called Counter Burst where he projects an energy shield that upon being hit by an energy based attack allows the user to counterattack with an even more powerful ki blast of their own. Interestingly, when Vegito's Force Shield is used by Vegito or the Future Warrior (unless Male Voice Option 8 is selected) in Xenoverse 2 they will shout Barrier when using it.

Most of these techniques can be either learned and/or obtained by the Future Warrior.

DBXV2 Future Warrior (Super Pack 3 DLC) Psycho Barrier (Super Skill)

Future Warrior using Psycho Barrier in Xenoverse 2

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as part of the Super Pack 3 DLC, Bojack's Psycho Barrier appears as a defensive Super Skill which can be expanded up to three times. The Psycho Barrier will cause damage to the opponent as well allowing the user to expand it as a way to attack making it both offensive and defensive. The Future Warrior can learn the technique by completing School Quest: "Lesson 2" of Bojack's Training. As part of the Conton City Vote Pack DLC, GT Vegeta's Shield Barrier appears as his Super Skill which temporarily generates a barrier that can protect the user from Ki Blasts (basic, charged, & Super Skill based) while allowing the user to move around freely. It can be randomly obtained by the Future Warrior in New Parallel Quest 153: "Seeing Double".

In Dragon Ball FighterZ, Broly's Energy Shield technique that he used in the films Broly - The Legendary Super Saiyan and Broly - Second Coming appears under the name Powered Shell. In the Dragon Ball Super Card Game (2017), it is called Demonic Barrier.[16]

DB Legends - Lightspeed 10x Kamehameha 2

Super Saiyan4 Goku surrounded in Blast Armor in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, there is a special type of Energy Shield used while charging forward called Blast Armor which is activated when performing certain Arts such as Super Saiyan 4 Goku's Lightspeed 10x Kamehameha and Broly: Cheelai (Assist)'s Tag-Team Steal. Blast Armor is an aura that deflects normal Ki Blasts and Ki Blast Arts preventing the opponent from using Ki Blast attacks to interrupt the forward dash. However, the Blast Armor does not protect against Special Quirk Skills, Ki-based Special Move Arts, Ultimate Move Arts, and Awakening Arts. Additionally, they will still take some damage from the deflected blasts which can KO the Blast Armor user if their health is low enough. Arts that grant Blast Armor will have the message "*Blast Armor when charging forward." in their Arts Details Info.[9]



Majin Buu protects himself from Earth's military

The evil wizard Babidi has a green/yellow energy shield called Wizard Barrier. Only in the anime, Innocent Buu uses a similar barrier, called Protective Bubble,[6] to protect himself when the Earth's Military attacked him.

Tapion's Hero's Flute can produce a blue energy shield if a specific tune is played.


Oceanus Shenron's Invisible Forcefield

Through her mystical powers of the air, Oceanus Shenron is able to create a powerful modality impenetrable shield (actually semi-impenetrable because its weak point is the eye of the hurricane). She calls it Invisible Forcefield and uses it to fend off all kinds of offensive and energy attacks.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 in response to the Demigra incident, Old Kai and Chronoa decided to use their divine powers to erect a powerful barrier around Conton City and Time Nest to protect the Time Nest and Conton City from attack. Unlike other barriers this barrier was extremely large, practically invisible, and once erected could protect Conton City and the Time Nest. However, during the story it is shown that the barrier while powerful is not full proof as Towa manages to bypass it by tricking Xeno Trunks and the second Future Warrior into bringing the Masked Future Warrior's discarded mask into the Time Nest. Towa feigns an attack on Shenron in Age 850 luring the 2nd Future Warrior to stop her then retreating as the 2nd Future Warrior's presence proves to her that the Mask is inside the Time Nest, which she then uses as a conduit to bypass the barrier, allowing her to attack Chronoa and steal Tokitoki's Egg, though unbeknownst to anyone at the time she had also secretly used the scroll for Age 774 to prevent her brother's death at the hands of Majin Buu before covering her tracks, leading to Dabura to seek avenge his sister's death during the Infinite History Saga. Elder Kai is surprised that Towa was able to bypass the barrier before she reveals the role the mask played in her plan to bypass it. Additionally, the Barrier does not prevent Whis, Beerus, and Goku from traveling to the city or Time Nest in Age 852 using Whis' Warp technique, though this could be attributed to Whis' power and his position as the Angel who serves the God of Destruction of Universe 7 as well as the fact Chronoa and Elder Kai won't dare create a barrier capable of keeping either Whis or Beerus from visiting even if such a feat were possible. Elder Kai refers this energy shield simply as Barrier.

Outside of the main story, it is also shown that the barrier around Conton City can be bypassed by Wormholes and other time-space anomalies as shown by Frieza's Siege. In the Super Pack 4 DLC, Infinite Zamasu is briefly able to bypass the barrier as well appearing in the Time Vault, however Chronoa reveals that Infinite Zamasu's death is an established part of history and power of Future Zeno in Age 796 erases Infinite Zamasu causing his presence to disappear from the Time Vault in Age 852 as Future Zeno's power is absolute.


Dr. Wheelo has his own fiery-red energy shield/barrier which is generated by his robotic body and is simply called Barrier.

The Pilaf Machine has a white-blue shield/barrier, called Pilaf Barrier.


SDBH World Mission Ch1, Sub Ch1 - "My Thrilling First Battle!" Great Saiyaman 3 protects Beat from Final Form Cooler (Final Form Cooler VS Base Beat & Great Saiyaman 3)

Great Saiyaman 3's Sword blocking Final Form Cooler's punch while surrounded by some kind of energy shield in World Mission

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Xeno Trunks as Great Saiyaman 3 is able to block Final Form Cooler's punch directed at Beat using some kind of energy barrier emitted around or by Great Saiyaman 3's Sword (it is unclear if the barrier is an attribute of the high-tech blade or an energy shield technique used in conjunction with his sword).


  • There are some techniques where the user's ki aura is used both for attack and defense. For example, the Nova Strike executed by Frieza, the Gigantic Slam executed by Broly, and Pearl Flash performed by Kid Buu, whose performances and functions of both the missiles are similar.