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Energy Rings[1][2] (リング状のエネルギー弾 Ringujo No Enerugi-dan, lit. "Ring-Shaped Energy Bullets") is a technique used by Vegeta in his Super Saiyan 2 form.


Majin Vegeta extends his right arm and points his middle and index fingers at the opponent, as if he was about to use his Final Impact. Then, he fires five powerful rings made out of pure energy at his enemy, trapping them by their arms, legs, and neck so that Majin Vegeta can attack them while the opponent is incapable of fighting back.



Goku restrained by Majin Vegeta's Energy Rings

Majin Vegeta uses this technique against Goku after throwing him into a boulder wall. He then proceeds to brutally taunt and assault him as well as flashback to all of his lifelong humiliations about Goku always surpassing him. However, Goku manages to break free and uses the boulders stuck to his hands like battering rams to punch Majin Vegeta into a cliff.



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