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"I was promised a good fight. Produce the challenger. Which one of you is it? Don't be shy... come forward, the time has arrived."
Super Buu

"Empty Planet" (ったなしのきょく!! きゅうじんるいぜつめつ Matta Nashi no Hakyoku!! Chikyū Jinrui Zetsumetsu, lit. "A Catastrophe With No Time to Lose!! Earth's Humanity is Exterminated") is the third episode of the Fusion Saga and the two hundred fifty-sixth overall episode in the original dubbed and the uncut Dragon Ball Z series. This episode first aired in Japan on February 15, 1995. Its original American airdate was October 16, 2002.



Mr. Popo and Dende witnessing the Human Extinction Attack

This episode begins with Super Buu arriving at The Lookout, he yells at the Dragon Team to produce the challenger. Super Buu explains that he was promised a good fight and now he was here for it. Piccolo tells him that the promise was made for two days and that they still had one, however, Super Buu's impatience causes him to want to fight immediately. Desperate, Piccolo tells Super Buu he could destroy all the Earthlings while waiting for the battle. Then, while Super Buu is not looking, Piccolo tells Krillin to wake Goten and Trunks up and take them to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber to train.

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Buu begins waiting an hour

Chi-Chi tries to make an attack on Super Buu as she believes that she has already lost Gohan, but Piccolo puts a stop to it. Meanwhile, Super Buu destroys almost all of the Earth's population in one blast. On the Sacred World of the Kais, Goku asks Supreme Kai what is happening on Earth and he tells Goku that Buu has eliminated Earth's inhabitants. Piccolo gives in and says he can have Gotenks ready in an hour after he promises to Earth's population that they will be revived with the Dragon Balls. At first, Super Buu is not willing to comply, but then Videl taunts him asking if he is actually scared. Before Super Buu can kill her, Piccolo reveals the identity of Videl's father, and Super Buu agrees to wait. Piccolo tells him to wait an hour, but Super Buu does not know what is an hour. Piccolo then conjures an hourglass and lets Super Buu figure out the rest.

Major Events[]

  • Super Buu kills all of the Earth's population (except for Tien Shinhan, Chiaotzu, Korin, Yajirobe, Mr. Satan, Bee, and everyone on Kami's Lookout) in one attack.
  • Gohan taps into some of his hidden power for the first time.





Differences from the manga[]

  • Super Buu touching down on the Lookout isn't depicted in the anime as the actual beginning of the episode, not counting the recap, still shows him hovering just above it.
  • In the manga, Piccolo tells Krillin to get Goten and Trunks and take them to the Hyperbolic Time Chamber after Piccolo creates the Hour Glass for Super Buu, and he begins waiting. In the anime, he tells Krillin this whilst Super Buu is walking around the Lookout looking at the humans below.
  • Chi-Chi going to attack Super Buu with a broom for killing Gohan but being stopped by Piccolo is exclusive to the anime.



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