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"Overwhelm with a powerful shower from overhead!"
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Skill description

Elite Barrage is a technique used by Jaco.


Is a technique unique to members of Jaco's race derived from the how his species urinates and is capable of blinding and potentially grossing out nearby opponents (or even allies).

Usage and Power

Jaco demonstrated this skill to Tights as the way his species urinates only for her to get sprayed in the process. In disgust, Tights pushes Jaco, causing him to fall into the ocean, and consequently causes Jaco to miss seeing Goku's Saiyan Pod landing on Earth.

Video Game Appearances

Elite Barrage was first named in Dragon Ball Xenoverse as Jaco's Evasive Skill. It is one of the few skills that the Future Warrior cannot learn nor obtain and is the only skill in the game that is exclusive to Jaco (as like Saibaman's Acid and Poison it is biological in nature), as all of Jaco's Super and Ultimate Skills (Elite Beam, Elite Shooting, Hero's Pose, and Super Elite Combo) can all be learned by the Future Warrior during their training under Jaco as a Master.

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, Elite Barrage returns as Jaco's exclusive Evasive Skill. Though it cannot be equipped to the Future Warrior, it is equipped to Jaco's customizable skillset in Partner Customization by default though it cam be changed to another Evasive Skill. However Jaco's Initiation Test must be completed in order to unlock him in Partner Customization.


  • Ironically Jaco's use of this technique on Tights and her subsequent violent reaction prevented him from noticing the arrive of Goku's Attack Ball, thus it contributed to Jaco failing his mission to eliminate the young Saiyan (which in retrospect probably saved both the Earth and the Universe due to the pure hearted warrior Goku became).


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