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Electric Slime (電気スライム Denki suraimu) is a technique used by Rage Shenron.


It is a sticky substance which can electrocute whatever it is attached to.

Rage Shenron can generate and control the massive amount of electricity-draining pink ooze. This Electric Slime can apparently replicate itself by absorbing enough electricity, but water will cause it to short out and even explode in large enough masses.

Rage also used it to become much larger and stronger, which is known as Electric Slime Body Build and regenerate as well.



Rage Shenron's Electric Slime

Rage uses his Electric Slime to destroy Goku and Pan, who confronts him in order to restore the Earth and the Dragon Balls. Goku and Pan cannot escape from the sticky slime, as it stops them in their tracks. Then, it electrocutes them, which seemingly kills them. However, they recover from the attack with little harm, much to the shock of Rage. Rage then uses it to make himself much larger, thus forcing Goku to turn Super Saiyan 4. The slime is soon defeated when it rains in the battlefield, making Rage's body short circuit.[1]

Later, having the other Shadow Dragons' abilities thanks to the Dragon Balls he absorbed, Omega Shenron uses the slime to regenerate after being hit by Super Saiyan 4 Goku's Dragon Hammer.[2]

Video Game Appearances[]

In Dragon Ball Heroes, it is Rage Shenron's special attack.