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Elec (エレク Ereku) is part of the Heeter family and the leader of the Heeter Force. He serves as one of the true main antagonists of the Granolah the Survivor Saga.


Elec is a tall member leader of the Heeters family with black dark circles under his eyes, a dark purple hair with cornrows tied in a ponytail, a short dark purple beard, pointy ears and turquoise skin. He wears a long red jacket with golden lines, a white scarf in his neck, a blue sash around his waist, a mind restraint similar to a belt with bones over it, white pants, two blue boots with a white sole and a gold buckle on each and the Heeters' symbol on the left side of his jacket.

40 years ago, he looked slightly younger and did not yet have a beard.


Elec is a firm believer in the power of intel, holding it greater than military might. This desire for intel is what led him to commission Granolah to capture Seven-Three. He has a tendency to speak in colloquial terms related to temperature, such as "playing with fire" and "cool that head" - a trait that his fellow Heeters seem to share.

He proves himself to be very intelligent, as after learning the rumors about the dragon balls did, he realize that explains Frieza being resurrected. He also could tell Granolah gaining new strength was connected to the dragon balls. He also schemed to have Granolah fight Goku and Vegeta to eliminate both threats to him and his family, knowing the Cerealian hated Saiyans and correctly believing the Saiyans were a threat.

He is very sadistic, as he openly mocked Granolah on the death of his mother, while telling him that he could die like his mother before shooting him in the back.

Elec is highly narcissistic and vile as he cares for absolutely no one but himself. Elec treats his siblings more like minions instead of family and shows no real love towards them and only sees them as puppets to achieve his goals of conquering the universe. This proves that Elec is the evilest and most sociopathic of the Heeters and is the only one that lacks redeeming qualities.



Elec on Cereal

Forty years ago, after the Saiyans and Frieza Force decimate the residents of Planet Cereal, Elec and his siblings arrive to make preparations to sell the planet to the Sugarians and mention of a future goal to eliminate Frieza. However, they learn from the screams of a child that a Namekian along with two Cerealians are still alive but is at the mercy of a supposed Frieza Force grunt, who bargains to use the Namekian. Elec shoots at one of the Cerealians, Muezli, killing her. Bardock fires back and forces the Heeters to make way for a contingency as Frieza himself is coming.

Elec orders Gas to kill Bardock and the other witnesses. After noticing the strange glow from the dragon Toronbo, Elec goes to investigate only to find that his brother had been defeated by the Saiyan. Exhausted from the battle, Bardock is unable to get to his feet and Elec shoots him through the arm where he stumbles off a cliff and into the forest below, although not before heavily hinting at the plans Frieza ultimately had in store for the Saiyans. He is then contacted by Macki who informs him of Frieza's arrival. For good measure, Elec fires several bullets in the forest, hoping to hit Bardock before stopping. Taking his battered brother, Elec leaves the area.

Later on, Elec and the Heeters were able to sell the planet to the Sugarians. Several years later, he and Gas returned to Cereal, where they were greeted with hostility by Monaito. They soon note on how his Cerealian ward was getting stronger. Elec noted on how the Namek did not tell Granolah that he killed his mother. Elec then invited Granolah to join their ranks as a bounty hunter.

Dragon Ball Super

Granolah the Survivor Saga

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Elec speaks with Granolah

In present day, Elec is seen in his base of operations, sitting on his throne and pleased to see Granolah arriving with the OG Soldier Seven-Three. After having Oil confirm the bounty, he congratulates Granolah on his capture and has Maki give him his reward. After lecturing Granolah on the power of intel, he tells him that due to Frieza's revival, people are too scared to do business with the Heeters and because of that, Granolah doesn't have another assignment. When Granolah desperately asks him for Frieza's location, Elec tells him not to bother, as Frieza had come back far stronger than before, leading to Granolah marching up to his throne before Gas pins him down. Smirking, Elec chastises Granolah for his arrogance, telling him to "chill out" but promising to lend him help due to a shared dislike of the Frieza Force.

Elec at the Heeter's base

When Granolah leaves, however, Elec reveals to his compatriots that he believes the power Granolah had gained had gotten to his head, noting it could be dangerous if he ended up surpassing Gas, the pride and joy of the family. In order to safely eliminate Granolah, Elec mentioned Frieza's revival to him in order to string things along and have Frieza "ice the guy" for them. Setting aside those thoughts, he expresses his excitement to examine the data within Seven-Three and remarks that they'll soon have the location of the ultimate info broker, Zuno.

When going through Seven-Three's memory banks, they discover Zuno's location and the existence of the Dragon Balls. It didn't take long for Elec to realize that these were used to resurrect Frieza and Gas brought up the Namekians creating them and how a tribe lived on Planet Cereal. Elec also told his siblings about a lone survivor who happens to live with Granolah.

Elec and the Heeters

Much later, Elec and his siblings host a party before it is interrupted by Granolah's return while demanding to know where Frieza is. Unfazed, Elec reminds him that he is nowhere close to Frieza's level. Irritated, Granolah claims to now be the strongest in the universe, but Elec waves him off and has Oil try to shoo him out but is surprised when Granolah uses a single tap to send Oil flying into a wall. Having now caught Elec's attention, Granolah is forced to fight Oil, but easily outmaneuvers and pummels the brute, sending him crashing through the base floor and disintegrating said chunk of floor with ease when Oil hurls it at him. He is then engaged by Macki, effortlessly dodging her ki claws before ensnaring her wrists with his scarf and slamming her into the floor before Gas cuts her free. Before Granolah can fight Gas, Elec stops the battle, saying Gas has no need to get involved.

Elec with Gas

Elec asks Granolah of his improvement, but the latter is unwilling to explain his newfound power to Elec, though Elec presses further, withholding the information about Frieza's whereabouts and claiming that if Granolah isn't the real deal and he is beaten by Frieza, the Heeters would have targets on their backs. After Granolah reveals how he used the Cereal Dragon Balls, Elec confirms his suspicions about the planet having such items and their connection to the power up Granolah has. He then tells him that they actually don't exactly know Frieza's location, but that they'll get back to him and he should cool his head while he waits. Elec is surprised when Granolah reveals his life-reducing condition and that he only has 3 years left on him, taken back by the depths of his desire for revenge. With nothing else he can currently gain from them, Granolah leaves the Heeters be and takes off in his ship. At dinner, Elec and the othe Heeters discuss the new scheme to get rid of Granolah. Elec decides to pit Granolah against the Saiyans Goku and Vegeta, due to his grudge against the tribe.

Much later, Elec heads to Cereal with Gas in order to meet Macki and Oil, who have obtained the Dragon Radar and set up Goku and Vegeta to fight Granolah.

Macki tells Elec and that Granolah and the Saiyans have stopped fighting. Elec questions the sudden change and was annoyed when Macki revealed that it was Monaito meddling. He agrees to Gas requesting to simply kill them all, with both parties exhausted from their conflict. Elec decides to go summon the dragon while they handle the situation. Macki hands him the radar and spell needed; Elec tells Gas that he will make sure his wish fulfilled though his brother states he is fine the way he is. However, Elec states their plans depend on Gas who declares that he knows before he and Macki fly off.

After retrieving the last Dragon Ball, Elec summoned Toronbo, being amazed to see an actual wish granting Dragon. Seizing the moment, Elec wishes for Gas to be the strongest in the universe and is successful before Gas and Macki reach their foes, leading to him overwhelming them. However, Granolah's superior skills in battle eventually allows him to land a devastating blow on Gas who lays on the floor wounded.

Elec appears and explains to the confused Macki, that Gas is indeed the strongest in the Universe and by a large margin at that. Ripping off Gas's necklace, he tells him there's no point in being the strongest if all of his power is being sealed away. Gas begins to transform as his instincts take over and Elec tells him to endure it. After Gas goes on a rampage, Elec tells his brother not to forget his promise and Gas eventually regains his senses after being reminded of his previous loss to Bardock and undergoes an awakening. Pleased by the sight, Elec tells him to annihilate anyone who stands in their way.

As Gas prepares to attack the Saiyans, Elec gloats on this before Granolah sneaks up on him, seeking revenge for his mother and planet. However, Gas is able to teleport him out of harm's way before the blow lands. When Granolah attempts to blast Elec with a powerful attack, Gas once more appears to intervene, breaking Granolah's arms. Heavily injured, Elec appears behind Granolah and thanks him for all the jobs that he did for them, telling him as a reward he could die like his mother before shooting him in the back, sending falling into the lake. Elec notes to Gas on stealing the kill but Gas was unconcerned because Granolah was nothing to him now. Gas thanks him for the wish and Elec tells him not to sweat it but does tell Gas to eliminate their remaining enemies, since they know too much.

When Goku and Gas begin to battle across the Universe, Elec orders Oil to get a lock on Gas's position who locates him in the Galactic Prison. Putting aside his little brother's fight for the time being, he tells Oil and Macki to mop up the remaining half dead stragglers first, but Goku arrives back on Cereal first. Realizing that they are no match for the Saiyan, Elec orders a retreat while they wait for Gas to return to them.

Shortly afterwards when Gas does arrive and confronts the Saiyans once more, Elec and his siblings watch the battle from aboard their ship nearby. When Gas is taken down by Goku, Elec approaches him and grabs him by the neck. He angrily asks Gas why he made him the strongest and he answers that it was in order to make the Heeters the greatest organization in the universe as well as to defeat the Saiyans. Elec tells him that the latter is incorrect, and that their true goal is to kill Frieza before insulting his performance in battle. Goku shows up, telling Elec that he does not need to force Gas to fight as he will happily fight him next time, but Elec tells the Saiyan that there will be no next time as Gas powers up further, taking on a severely aged appearance.


Instincts Unleashed

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While not displayed, by releasing the restraints on his mind, Elec's true power is unleashed. It causes his muscle mass to grow tremendously, his eyes to go blank, his incisors to become fangs, and horns hanging downward from his temples. In this state, he becomes a rampaging brute who cannot discern friend from foe.

Elec shooting Granolah from behind with his Ray Gun

  • Ray Gun - A gun that fire laser beams capable of massive damage to a normal being, but useless to one with a higher power level. However, Elec was able to injure the weakened Granolah by attacking him from behind.
  • Heeter's Spaceship - A spaceship that belongs to the Heeters.
  • Heeter's Mind Restraint - A device used by the Elec to control his true instincts.

List of characters killed by Elec

Pre-Dragon Ball
  • Muezli - Killed by Elec using his ray gun.


  • Elec's name is likely based on electricity, going along with his fellow Heeters' name puns on energy sources.



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