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Efron Etkin ​(born in Kibbutz Hatzor Ashdod, Israel) was an Israeli actor, director and one of the leading voice actors in Israel (known for the roles of Disney's Robin Hood, Winnie The Pooh's Piglet, TMNT's Master Splinter and Dolf from Alfred J. Kwak).


After serving as an officer in the Israeli Air Force, Etkin had enrolled to study acting in Tel Aviv University and later also in H.B Studio in New York City. He was the Hebrew voice of Yamcha, Captain Ginyu, Korin, Dr. Briefs, Umigame, Bardock (in Frieza's flashback when seeing Goku), Angila, Paragus, Bujin and Toolo.

Etkin passed away from cancer in 2012 and his roles where given to his fellow voice actor, Gad Levy.

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