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"Time to seal you in your icy grave!"
— Ebifurya to Goku in Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest

Ebifurya (エビフリャー Ebifuryā) is one of the three Brutal Warriors created by Dr. Kochin that serve Dr. Wheelo.


A large, pink brute with red hair tied back in a ponytail, Ebifurya can freeze his victims in a huge ball of ice with one blast from his hand.


Dragon Ball Z

The World's Strongest

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: The World's Strongest


Ebifurya attacks Roshi with Misokatsun

Ebifurya, Misokatsun and Kishime are unleashed to fight Master Roshi in an arena to test Roshi's strength, and easily beat him. Later, Ebifurya, along with Kishime, is faced by Goku in the second level of Wheelo's fortress, where after Kishime stuns Goku, Ebifurya freezes him solid with the Toketsu-ken.

Gohan and Krillin show upon before he can finish Goku off, however, and he freezes them inside balls of ice. As he is gloating, he is shocked as Goku uses his Kaio-ken technique to free himself from the ice. He launches himself at the unprepared Ebifurya and punches him so hard he flew across the room and crashes through the wall, killing the Bio-Warrior instantly.



he is shown to be stronger then Master Roshi though proves to be no match for Goku who kills him with a Kaio-ken enhanced punch.

Statements & Guidebooks

The movie pamphlet for Dragon Ball Z: The Tree of Might states that Ebifurya has a power level of 7,500.

Techniques and Special Abilities



  • Flight – Ebifurya is shown to have the ability to fly in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Ki Blast – The most basic form of energy wave. Used in Dragon Ball Heroes.
  • Freezing Fist – Ebifurya's special ability to freeze his victims. The name of this technique was stated by Dr. Kochin.

Video Game Appearances

Ebifurya made debut in Dragon Ball Heroes.

Voice Actors


  • His name is a play on the word Ebi Fry, or "Fried Shrimp" in Japanese.
  • He is the only one of the three bio-fighters with a speaking part in the film.


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