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"Earth Destroyed! The Initial Buu's Nefarious Strike" (きゅうしょうめつ!!はじまりのブウのどういちげき Chikyū Shōmetsu!! Hajimari no Bū no Hidōna Ichigeki, lit. "Earth Disappears!! The Original Boo's Single Cruel Blast") is the one hundred fiftieth episode in Japan and the one hundred fifty-seventh episode internationally of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on April 26, 2015. Its original American airdate was April 7, 2018.


Kibito Kai explains to Old Kai that there were once five Supreme Kais. He was one of the four that each ruled over a quadrant of the universe, and the fifth was their leader. He says that this latest, childlike version is the original, true Majin Buu, and by far the most powerful of them all. The North and West Supreme Kais were quickly killed, and while the South Supreme Kai was able to hold his own, he was eventually absorbed, changing the original Majin Buu into the hulking form that was seen briefly. The Grand Supreme Kai then sacrificed himself to save Shin by allowing himself to be absorbed, but this absorption changed Buu into the fat, happy Buu that came out of the ball. This absorption of the Kais actually weakened Buu, making him less focused and less destructive. Back on Earth, Kid Buu creates a Planet Buster Bomb and throws it at the Earth, intending to destroy it, but the attack is deflected by Vegeta. In retaliation, Kid Buu then creates a ball ten times more powerful than the previous one. Knowing that they have no chance of stopping it, Goku and Vegeta try to grab everyone and teleport away, but are only able to grab Dende, Mr. Satan and Bee. As Kid Buu's attack begins to destroy the Earth, Kibito Kai appears and transports Goku, Vegeta, Dende, Mr. Satan and Bee to the Sacred World of the Kai. A furious Vegeta berates Goku for causing the needless deaths of their sons and Piccolo. Just then, Kid Buu regenerates amidst the shattered remains of Earth and goes on a murderous rampage across the universe.

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