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Earth's Resistance was the remnants of Earth's Military in Future Trunks' timeline.


When Goku Black came to Earth and decimated its population, the resistance was formed and was led by both Future Mai and Future Trunks. They had a hidden base in a subway station in West City, where they sheltered refugees. Future Yajirobe joined them at some point, but was often missing from the battles and only turned up when they found food. The common soldiers within the group mistook Goku for Goku Black when he arrived.

After Future Trunks seemingly defeated Fused Zamasu with the Sword of Hope, Infinite Zamasu emerged and covered the entire Earth with his essence before unleashing a Super Mouth Blast Barrage, killing all of the surviving earthlings including every last member of the Resistance, leaving Future Trunks and Mai as the only survivors of the future timeline when Future Zeno erased the entire timeline from existence in order to destroy Infinite Zamasu.

In the manga, the only known members of the resistance are the future versions of Trunks, Mai and Bulma, with Bulma having already been killed by Goku Black.

Known Members

Anime only

Known Allies

Altered Timeline

Tournament of Time faction

  • Future Mai
  • Zahha (secretly a double agent as he is actually the true Mastermind behind the Tournament of Time)
  • Piccolo† (post-Cell Games, killed by Dabura)
  • Cabba (pre-Tournament of Destroyers)
  • Gohan (Teen, post-Cell Games)
  • Nail (Pre-Battle on Planet Namek)
  • Appule (period of origin unclear)
  • Raspberry (period of origin unclear)

Tournament of Time Allies

Video Game Appearances

"Clothes worn by those who stood in defiance of Goku Black in the future."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Resistance Clothes description
"A helmet worn by those who stood in defiance of Goku Black in the future."
Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Resistance Helmet description

In Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as part of the Super Pack 4 DLC, the Earth's Military uniform worn by resistance members appear as an obtainable outfit called Resistance Clothes and an accessory called Resistance Helmet for the Future Warrior. Both the outfit and accessory can be obtained as rewards in New Parallel Quest 111: "The Zero Mortal Plan".

In Dragon Ball Legends, Future Mai forms and leads a faction of Earth's Resistance after getting caught up in the Tournament of Time in Age 780 shortly after Tournament of Power. She recruits various individuals, including Zahha, Piccolo (who had previously encountered Cell in his era), Cabba (from before he fought in the Tournament of Destroyers, Teen Gohan (post Cell Games), Nail, and even some Frieza Force Combatants. Similar to her own timeline's resistance, they seek to protect innocent lives as well as deal with threats posed by various villains such as New Cell. As a result, they end up assisting Shallot and the rest of Team Beerus who are looking into the true mastermind behind the tournament and kidnapping of Shin while dealing with the various threats that pop up over the course of the tournament. Along with Team Beerus, they are the two main groups that oppose the Mastermind's group which consists of the mysterious Mastermind, Giblet, Majin Vegeta (who later defects), Super Buu (who was once the Innocent Buu that Shallot defeated before splitting so Evil Buu could absorb Good Buu, then absorbed Ultimate Gohan and Super Namek Piccolo), Android 13, as well as Future Mai's old adversaries Zamasu and Goku Black. After Super Saiyan God Shallot defeats the Dark Ki empowered Super Saiyan God Giblet, Zahha literally stabs Shallot in the back with his sword and reveals his identity as the true Mastermind, with the phantom that had been leading the Mastermind's group being noting more than an illusionary puppet controlled by him. Zahha also reveals that he created the entire tournament to complete the Omnificence Crystal, a failed prototype Super Dragon Ball, with Giblet and Shallot being the unwitting vessels of the twin orbs that make up the Omnificence Crystal with Zahha manipulating both brothers into fighting by manipulating both them and their memories. Thanks to Shallot's battle with Giblet, the crystal is completed, with Zahha revealing it has the power to grant any wish provided it is supplied with enough Kili.

In Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot, during the future timeline's Android conflict, it is implied that there may have been a similar resistance group that predated the Earth's Resistance, though it is implied this group was made up of mostly normal Earthlings for the most part unaffiliated with Dragon Team survivors, beyond their shared goal of the Androids defeat and one member Future Trunks can encounter encouraging Future Trunks to join, possibly foreshadowing or an allusion to Earth's Resistance.



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