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"It was poetic using Earth's dragon to save me from Earth's Hell. Oh, you can't imagine the depths of my suffering there. I spent most of my days strung up like a damn pupating moth, trapped over a field of delicate little flowers where bands of angels and fairies and enchanted stuffed animals lived! They played songs and danced asinine jigs as if their only care in life, was when they would get their next warm, fuzzy hug! Instead of ruling the universe with an iron fist, I was serenaded by teddy bears!"
Frieza describing his time in Hell in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’

Earth's Hell (地球の地獄 Chikyū no jigoku), is a district of Hell, close to Other World, where evil characters go if they died on Earth. Though it wasn't shown in the original Dragon Ball manga, it is seen in Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ and Dragon Ball Super.


Hell has drastically changed due to Akira Toriyama being more involved. The area in which Frieza is kept is a scenic, flowery field with trees throughout it, run by the Angels of Hell. Frieza is sealed in a cocoon, hanging from a tree above a field of flowers where stuffed animals parade while fairies and angels dance. Earth's Hell notably has more areas aside from this flower field, such as an underwater area where the flower field in which Frieza was kept is located, a rocky volcanic area above that section and a frozen tundra. Bats appear to be a common inhabitant of hell.


Dragon Ball Super

Golden Frieza Saga

Main article: Golden Frieza Saga Frieza is in Hell being tortured by the Angels of Hell as they play their music and mess with him. Frieza, after fourteen years, is able to leave his cocoon in Hell because he is wished back by Sorbet and Tagoma using the Earth's Dragon Balls. Frieza returns to his cocoon in Hell after being killed by Goku, though this time in his organic body. A manga extra feature reveals that he is joined in Earth's Hell by his subordinates Sorbet and Shisami.

Universe Survival Saga

Main article: Universe Survival Saga Upon discovering that Majin Buu will not wake up in time for the Tournament of Power, Goku has Baba resurrect Frieza from Hell for 24 hours so he can participate as part of Team Universe 7. After Team Universe 7 wins the tournament, Frieza is revived by Whis under Beerus' as per the agreement he made with Goku about being revived if their team won, though ironically Frieza himself was prepared to return to his imprisonment in Earth's Hell before Whis revived him.

Film Appearances

Resurrection ‘F’

Main article: Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’ Frieza is in Hell being tortured by the Angels of Hell while they played their music. Sorbet and Tagoma wished Frieza back to the living world, Frieza leaving his cocoon in Hell. As Frieza was revived and killed again, he was sent back to his personal Hell after his death by Goku, again being tortured by the Angels.


Main article: Dragon Ball Super: Broly When Frieza explains why he has given up on seeking immortality to his trusted aids Kikono and Berryblue, there is a flashback showing Frieza in his cocoon in Earth's Hell. Frieza reveals his time there made him realize the folly of living forever and decides instead to wish to make his true form (an by extension his Golden Frieza form) five centimeters taller as any more would be too noticeable.

Other Dragon Ball stories

Xenoverse 2

Main article: Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 As part of the Super Pack 1 DLC, the Earth's Hell of Universe 6 appears in a parallel timeline featured in New Parallel Quest: "Universe 6 in a Fix!. It is invaded by Supervillain Janemba who's reality warping powers cause it to take on an appearance identical to how he altered Earth's Hell of Universe 7 in Dragon Ball Z: Fusion Reborn. Janemba is confronted by Hit who manages to defeat him with the assistance of the Future Warrior after they managed to stop Supervillain Golden Frieza and Supervillain Broly's attack on the restored Earth of Universe 6. However, after defeating Janemba, they are confronted by Supervillain Omega Shenron and Super 17 (Imperfect Supervillain). However, they are defeated by the Future Warrior and Hit who use Pure Progress to grow stronger in order to stand toe-to-toe with the two villains.

Additionally, the Future Warrior can give Gift (Towa) (which contains Towa's Bikini) to Time Patrol Academy Instructor Goku to have him deliver the gift to Towa (who comes to reside in Earth's Hell as a result of her death in Age ??? due to the Conton City Hero killing Final Form Mira). Given Towa was sent to Earth's Hell by King Yemma instead of Heaven like her brother was in anime filler, she was presumably sent to the same version of Hell Frieza was sent to in Dragon Ball Super as that incarnation of Hell would be suitable punishment for a demoness from Demon Realm. Goku uses Instant Transmission to travel there to deliver the Gift, which enrages Towa (due to the gift being a revealing outfit from the one responsible for her death and delivered by Goku of all people) to the point Goku leaves Hell in fear of Towa's temper.


Main article: Dragon Ball FighterZ Android 21 uses the Namekian Dragon Balls to revive Frieza, Cell, Nappa, and the Ginyu Force freeing Frieza, Cell, Nappa, and Captain Ginyu from Earth's Hell which is mentioned by both Frieza and Cell. It is implied that Cell suffered the same punishment as Frieza which is revealed during a special conversation between him and Goku. Goku notes that he has never been to hell and imagines it is a fiery place great for training, which angers Cell due to the torment he suffered and other things he refused to speak about, which are implied to be the same things that Frieza was forced to endure during his time there.

Known residents

Frieza with his elite soldiers in Earth's Hell

  • Angels of Hell - Guardians of Earth's Hell. They watch over Frieza while he's in his cocoon.
  • Frieza - An evil galactic tyrant and emperor who was responsible for billions of deaths, including the genocide of the Saiyans. He controlled a vast army and empire who did his bidding. Murdered King Vegeta, Bardock, Gine, Leek, Taro, Cargo (in the manga), Vegeta, Dende, Grand Elder Guru (shorten life span), and Krillin. Tried to kill Goku, Gohan, Nail, Piccolo, and Future Trunks. Although mortally injured by Goku, he was then killed by Trunks and is sent to Hell. After fourteen years, Frieza is revived by Sorbet and Tagoma, leading to the Frieza's Revenge conflict, but is sent back when he is killed by Goku to prevent the tyrant from destroying Earth after Whis uses Temporal Do-Over. With King Yemma's permission and Fortuneteller Baba's magic, he later leaves Hell at Goku's request to help Team Universe 7 in the Tournament of Power and is revived by Whis as a gift from Beerus for helping them win.
  • Sorbet - The commander of Frieza's army. Helped in Frieza's invasion of Earth and was killed by Vegeta. Shown to be in Earth's Hell in the bonus pages of Warriors from Universe 6!.
  • Shisami - An elite soldier of Frieza's army. Helped in Frieza's invasion of Earth and was killed by Frieza (in the movie) or Tagoma (in the anime). Shown to be in Earth's Hell in the bonus pages of Warriors from Universe 6!.
  • Dr. Mashirito - Evil scientist who appeared in the Dr. Slump series was Killed by Obotchaman, returned from Hell as a ghost to get revenge.[1] His ghost was later destroyed by Beerus in Dragon Ball Super which due to Beerus being a God of Destruction erased Dr. Mashirito from existence as his soul was destroyed. In the uncensored Funimation dub, Dr. Mashirito refers to Earth's Hell by Hell's old censored dub name Home For Infinite Losers (HFIL) as an in-joke and reference to older dubs of Dragon Ball Z.
  • Towa - The evil Time Breaker Demon Scientist, creator of Mira, & younger sister of Demon King Dabura from Demon Realm in the future. A Time Traveling villainess who has repeatedly clashed with members of the Time Patrol due to her attempts to alter history to collect enough Kili to break the barrier separating Demon Realm from the rest of the Universe, endangering all of history, inadvertently causing the Demigra Incident, as well as attempting to eliminate Time Patrol Trunks & the Toki Toki City Hero from history, kidnapping both Bardock & the Toki Toki City Hero in order to brainwash them against their will, taking over Earth in Age ???, killing Shenron in Age 850 as part of a plan to infiltrate the Time Vault, & stealing Tokitoki's Egg (as well as preventing her brother's death in Age 774). Was sent to Earth's Hell after Mira (w/ Towa Absorbed) is killed by the Conton City Hero in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2.[2] The Future Warrior can have Patroller Academy Instructor Goku use Instant Transmission to deliver Gift (Towa) to her in order to unlock her Swimsuit Special Costume. Goku notes she was enraged to receive the gift and he flees frightened by her temper.
  • Cell - Cell was allowed to keep his body in Hell and trained, he noted that hell was a terrible place of sorrow, misery and "other things" that he did not want to talk about (implying he suffered a similar punishment as Frieza yet was too embarrassed to admit to the "horrors" he had witnessed).[3]
  • Hearts - Hearts was allowed to keep his body in Hell, he was left in an individual cell inside a cave but was released from it by Demigra.


  • According to Frieza, if Earth gets destroyed, Earth's Hell gets erased or expunged along with it.[4] However it is possible that Frieza was speaking metaphorically (as by destroying Earth, its Hell would expunged from his memory).
  • Though Frieza's punishment is benign by the standards of most beings, Frieza himself considers it absolute torture due to him loathing anything good and wholesome, making it a fitting punishment. Cell is implied to have suffered the same punishment in Dragon Ball FighterZ, though refuses to speak of it possibly out of embarrassment.
    • Additionally in Xenoverse 2, Towa is sent to Earth's Hell after perishing as a result of the death of Mira (w/ Towa Absorbed) instead of Heaven like her brother was in the anime, indicating it is likely the version that Frieza was sent to as it would be a fitting punishment for a demoness like herself (as Towa's concept of a beautiful world is a "garden of evil blooming with rage and pain" which is the exact opposite of Earth's Hell).
  • This is featured in both Resurrection 'F' and Super, but is inconsistent with Dragon Ball Z Kai, which unusually retains the filler scenes from the Kid Buu Saga showing Frieza and other deceased villains in hell (as seen in the original anime), with Frieza not in his cyborg form.

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