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"Piccolo and Krillin's EX Fusion form. The strongest Namekian and the strongest Earthling! They may look cute, but they pack a punch."
Dragon Ball Fusions profile description

EX Prilin, known as EX Pirillin in the English version, is the EX-Fusion of Piccolo and Krillin who first introduced in in Dragon Ball Fusions.

Techniques and Special Abilties

Video Game Appearances


  • Unlike his Fusion Dance counterpart, EX Prillin is not hypothetical as EX-Fusion allows people of different sizes and power levels fuse using the Fusion Dance as long as they are both wearing a Metamo-Ring when they perform the dance. Of course it should be noted that Piccolo and Krillin can perform Metamoran Fusion to fuse into Prillin in Dragon Ball Fusions.

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