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EX Gohanks (EXゴハンクス EXGohankusu) is the EX-Fusion of Kid Gohan and Trunks. This version of Gohanks was created by Dragon Ball Fusions and to appear in Dragon Ball Heroes, due to a special collaboration between both video-games.


Gohanks' facial features are inherited from Trunks, although his eye color and spiky black hair, aside from a purple colored segment, come from Gohan. His gi is a combination of Trunks' with the white muffler and purple belt that Gohan used to wear when he was younger, alongside a new white cloth covering the center of his outfit. He also wears a single Metamo-Ring on his left arm.


Gohanks is super competitive and arrogant, unable to realize his own limits. His fighting style is more serious than Gotenks' and is slightly more mature than him, but his overall personality is still very similar, frustrating Pan.

In World Mission, he is more mature and while competitive he recognizes Beat's strength is superior after he loses though looks forward to fighting him again saying the next time they fight he'll be stronger.

Other Dragon Ball stories


Main article: Dragon Ball Fusions Pan met a young version of her father in the Satan City found inside the Time Rift. After being frustrated by Gotenks' personality, Pan decided to set up Trunks and the young Gohan to fuse together, in order to create a warrior that surpasses Gotenks.

Gohanks' power exponentially surpasses the weaker fusion Gotenks, but his personality was disappointingly similar. Reacting badly to the comparison, Gohanks immediately left, telling Pan and Tekka that he'd show his power by defeating Beerus. Racing to Beerus' world, Tekka and the others find a beaten up, but still alive, Gohanks, who couldn't believe he had lost.

World Mission

Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2 - "Hero Town in Danger!"
"You might have. Which one? I'm equal parts Gohan and Trunks, courtesy of the Metamo-Ring."
— EX Gohanks explaining he's a fusion of Gohan and Trunks in World Mission

In the extra dimensional space of Chapter 2, Sub Chapter 2: "Hero Town in Danger!", EX Gohanks has a chance of randomly appearing on the map where Beat can encounter him. Beat finds EX Gohanks wondering where he is. Beat unfamiliar with him asks if he is lost and EX Gohanks confirms saying he wandered in there somehow and he's having trouble backtracking his way out. Beat is about to ask him where he comes from but gets the strange feeling he's met him somewhere before. EX Gohanks says he might have and asks which one to Beat's confusion. EX Gohanks reveals he is equal parts Gohan and Trunks, courtesy of the Metamo-Ring. Beat soon realizes he's the fusion of Gohan and Trunks when they were younger. However Beat has no idea what a Metamo-Ring is and EX Gohanks explains that in a nutshell, it's an armband that allows the wearer to perform fusion. Beat says he never heard of it, but notes it sounds cool. EX Gohanks asks if Metamo-Rings are that uncommon and Beat confirms they are in his neck of the woods and notes the same goes for his type of fusion. Beat wonders to himself how strong Gohan and Trunks would be fused like they are and politely requests if they could have a quick sparring session and EX Gohanks agrees noting it definitely beats traipsing around aimlessly. Beat thanks him for fulfilling hus odd request and the two battle.

Beat manages to defeat him and EX Gohanks says it looks like he go him while Beat panting agrees but admits it sure wasn't easy. EX Gohanks says in addition to getting back to where he comes from, he has one more thing to look forward to, which he reveals is their next match and says he won't lose next time. Beat says we'll see and that he's sure they'll both be stronger then. Afterwards Beat can rechallenge EX Gohanks to another battle whenever he randomly appears on the same map.


EX Gohanks surpasses Gotenks in power, most likely due to young Gohan during the Cell Saga being more battle-oriented than Goten during the Majin Buu Saga. He is also fast enough to rush all the way from Satan City to Beerus' Planet through the Time Rift. However, he is still severely outclassed by Beerus and was given a much-deserved beatdown, although he was able to survive.

In World Mission, he is shown to be weaker than Beat though Beat admits defeating him wasn't easy.

Techniques and Special Abilities

  • Flight - The ability to fly by using ki.
  • Ki Blast - The most basic form of energy wave.
  • Double Buster - A Energy Wave originally used by Trunks. It's EX Gohanks' Super Attack in Dragon Ball Heroes and World Mission.
  • Final Cannon - A rush attack originally used by Trunks. Appears as EX Gotenks' Super Attack in World Mission when fought as part of Great Saiyaman 3's Deck in the Secret Battle Tournament. He can also be equipped with Final Cannon through the Custom Deck or Card Creation.
  • Godlike Final Flash - A Energy Wave originally used by Trunks. EX Gohanks fires an extremely powerful Final Flash with godlike power.
  • Godlike Big Bang Attack - A Energy Sphere originally used by Trunks. EX Gohanks fires an extremely powerful Big Bang Attack with godlike power.
  • Limit Breaker Kamehameha - A Energy Wave originally used by Gohan. First, EX Gohanks either lifts his hands joined together in the air, or joins his hands to his side. Then, he charges the attack with his hands drawn his side, like a regular Kamehameha. Finally, he fires the attack towards his opponent in the form of an orange-red energy wave. He can also be equipped with the Limit Breaker Kamehameha in World Mission either through the Custom Deck or Card Creation.


  • Metamo-Ring - As an EX-Fusion, EX Gohanks wears a single Metamo-Ring formed by the fusion of the Metamo-Rings worn by Gohan and Trunks. As the Metamo-Ring maintains his fusion, he can remained fused as long as he wears it while removing it allows him to defuse at will.

Video Game Appearances

EX Gohanks in Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission


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