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Dynamite Punch (ダイナマイトパンチ Dainamaito Panchi), also called Got You! (隙あり!), is a Rush Attack used by Captain Ginyu.


First, Captain Ginyu says "Wide open!" as he elbows the opponent in the face. Then, he attacks the opponent with a barrage of punches before punching them away, inflicting a great amount of damage.



Ginyu attacks Goku with the "Got You!" rush

Captain Ginyu first uses this attack during his battle against Goku. After Vegeta leaves Goku to fight Ginyu and Jeice by himself, Captain Ginyu sees that Goku is off-guard and attacks him with the "Got You!" rush attack. However, Goku manages to dodge the punching barrage as he is exchanging punches with Captain Ginyu.

Video Game Appearances[]

"Got You!" is named in the Raging Blast series, where it is one of Captain Ginyu's Super Attacks. It is named Dynamite Punch in the Butōden series and Dragon Ball Z: Legendary Super Warriors.