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"Duel on a Vanishing Planet! The Final Showdown!" (えゆくほしのこった2!これがさいしゅうけっせん Kieyuku Hoshi ni Nokotta Futari! Kore ga Saishū Kessen da, lit. "Two Remain on a Vanishing Planet! This is the Final Showdown") is the fifty-second episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai. This episode first aired in Japan on April 11, 2010. Its original American airdate was February 9, 2011.


SSJ Goku vs

Goku vs. Frieza

As the battle between Goku and Frieza continues, it seems neither warrior is going to win before Namek's explosion. However, Goku soon notices that Frieza's power is quickly decreasing, due to his 100% output taking its toll on his body. Satisfied that he has won, Goku decides to call it quits and begins to depart towards his spaceship. Unable to accept this, Frieza launches a pair of Death Saucers at Goku. The Super Saiyan manages to avoid this, and, because of Goku's combat intelligence, Frieza is sliced in half by his own attack.


  • In the Nicktoons and Toonzai broadcast of the episode, when Frieza gets cut in half, some scenes have been removed and an earlier scene was added so viewers do not see Frieza get cut.
  • Although this is not the final episode of Dragon Ball Z Kai's Frieza Saga, it is the last episode on the saga's corresponding DVD release.
  • In the English DVD and Blu-Ray releases of the show, this is the final episode to feature Kenji Yamamoto's musical score. In the original Japanese release, his music was used all the way up to episode 95. Starting with the next episode of the TV broadcast & home video releases, Shunsuke Kikuchi's background music would be used instead.
  • This is the first episode to air on Toonami with a TV-14 LV rating, likely due to the scene of Frieza being cut in half.
  • Ironically, Frieza stated earlier in episode 48 that he'd rather die by his own hands than lose to Goku.


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