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This article is about the technique in the Budokai Tenkaichi series. For Goku's technique in Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Z, see Dragon Smash (Rush).

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Dragon Smash is a powerful non-ki based body attack used by all characters in the Budokai Tenkaichi series.


It involves the user charging a part of their body (usually the hands or feet, though the head and in some cases, tail can also be used) and slamming it into their opponent, sending them flying. Once the opponent is in the air, the attack can be continued by flying at the foe using Dragon Dash and attacking again, giving it an appearance similar to the Kaio-ken rush. The number of times this can be done depends on the person attacking, however, and unlike the initial attack, this does require ki. Insufficient ki can cancel the attack mid-flight.


Its power depends on who uses it, though for a technique that does not require ki to use it is quite powerful, especially if the attack is carried out fully. This power appears to come at a price, however, as it is completely ineffective at long range, requires time to power up (though it can be launched straight away, its power suffers considerably, it can not be continued and the foe can recover almost instantly), is slow to launch and it leaves the user vulnerable should it miss.

It is possible to use this move whilst mobile, however, as it can be charged up (even more in fact) while performing the dragon dash. This variant, however, uses some or perhaps a lot of ki depending on how and when its executed. When the fighter is in Max Power mode, along with the standard power increase, some fighters are given an additional one or two Dragon Smashes and/or Vanishing Rushes.


The attack can be complemented by a similar technique called Vanishing Rush, where the fighter uses a technique similar to Afterimage Technique or Instant Transmission to travel to the opponent and attack again. Unlike Dragon Smash, this uses no ki whatsoever, but is less accurate and can not be activated from the ground. This is performed by a slightly different set of actions on the controller. An unnamed finishing attack where the user flies into the vulnerable foe from above and slams them into the ground is also available at anytime during the combination, though it ends the attack immediately.

If the attack is launched mid-charge at the exact moment the attack reaches full power (symbolised by the fighter flashing and an unusual high-pitched noise in the fore ground), it becomes a Perfect Dragon Smash, which allows the user to teleport to the foe from a much longer range and perform an unblockable attack that is near impossible to stop or dodge. If an additional action is added whilst the fighter is in Max Power mode, this move becomes a Hyper Smash, where the camera briefly zooms in on the front of the fighter and then an attack similar to a Perfect Dragon Smash (its almost unavoidable and completely unblockable) without the added range occurs.