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"Eis Shenron: And with his power resting nicely at half-strength...I'll finish him!
— "The One-Star Dragon"

Dragon Fist of Rage (怒りの龍拳) is a stronger version of the Dragon Fist used by Goku in his Super Saiyan 4 form.


Goku delivers a fierce punch to his opponent's face, followed by a side kick that knocks them away. After catching up to them, he slams them downwards before slamming his fist into them again, dragging them forward and sending them flying. Finally, he appears in front of them, delivers an atrocious blow to their stomach and impaling them on his fist, and reels back to slam a downwards Dragon Fist back into them, completely eviscerating them.


"Taking away my sight still leaves me with four VERY SHARP SENSES!"
— Goku after brutalizing Eis in "The One-Star Dragon"

Eis beaten to the punch

Goku used the more brutal portions of this attack after being blinded by Eis Shenron's Maniacal Blinding Slash, impaling the Shadow Dragon with his first punch (relatively unharmed by Eis's slash to his cheek in the trade-off) and completely ending him with the Dragon Fist of Rage, obtaining the Three-Star Dragon Ball from the ground where Eis used to be.

Video Game Appearances

This technique was named in Dragon Ball Legends. In Budokai Tenkaichi 3, it is simply referred to as Dragon Fist.


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