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Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Dragon Fist (龍拳 Ryūken), also known as Dragon Fist Explosion (龍拳爆発 Ryūken Bakuhatsu), is an incredibly powerful attack developed by Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 form.


"If I don't do it, WHO WILL?!"
Goku in Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon

Goku reels his clenched fist back before charging his opponent and launching his fist forward while shouting out the attack's name, smashing straight through the enemy's torso. As he makes contact, the energy of his attack is amplified far past Goku's normal power, triggering an explosion of ki in the form of a "golden, shining dragon" (resembling Shenron). The resulting collision is capable of completely obliterating the opponent, even if the opponent far surpasses Goku himself in power or leaving a gaping hole in their chest (hence the name "Dragon Fist").


In Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon, Super Saiyan 3 Goku first uses the Dragon Fist against Hirudegarn. After discovering the Phantom Majin was unable to remain intangible while attacking (or under intense emotional stress in the Funimation dub), Goku taunts him into solidifying, giving the Saiyan the opening needed to unleash the Dragon Fist, clearing the dark skies and completely demolishing Hirudegarn.


Video Game Appearances[]

In Hyper Dimension, the animation for the attack is simply two of Goku's normal punch attacks in a two-hit combination as he rushes forward; in that said game, he also has a variation of it called the Ryūgekikyaku (龍撃拳 lit. "Dragon Attack Leg"), where he performs two spin kicks forward.

In Buu's Fury, it is named Dragon Fist Explosion and is used by Gogeta.

In the Budokai Tenkaichi series, Dragon Fist the one of the few rush attacks capable of being executed against giant characters, such as Great Apes and Lord Slug's Great Namekian form, since Goku first used it against Hirudegarn.

In Shin Budokai - Another Road, it is named Dragon Fist Explosion.

In Ultimate Tenkaichi, Dragon Fist can be used against the giant boss Hirudegarn by pressing the correct button commands, which finishes the fight; the attack is shown finishing Hirudegarn off in a CGI cutscene, different than most cutscenes in the game, which were similar in style to the anime.

In Dragon Ball Fusions, it appears as a learnable Special Move for Kid Goku after he reaches a certain level. It is performed in a manner identical to how GT Goku used it to defeat Super 17. Its use by Kid Goku is somewhat odd, as he is Goku from the time period he was training under Kami. It is also used by Stabba. Dragon Fist has two stronger variations that utilize the same attack animation but have greater range and attack power which become available to learn as users' level up. The first is Super Dragon Fist which is stronger than Dragon Fist. The second is Godlike Dragon Fist which is even stronger than Super Dragon Fist.


The dragon as it appears in Xenoverse 2


The dragon hitting Final Form Mira in Xenoverse 2

In Xenoverse 2, Goku used Dragon Fist as a Super Saiyan Blue in the final fight with Mira in his Final Form, which he uses to pierce through Mira's body, allowing Goku to remove Tokitoki's Egg, enabling the Future Warrior to finish Mira off with a Super Kamehameha without destroying the egg which contains time for a new universe. In the Conton City Vote DLC, if the player chooses Fu to give the Demon Realm Crystal to GT Goku, he uses this technique in his Super Saiyan 4 form to finish off Golden Great Ape Baby. This attack is one of Goku's Ultimate Skills in his normal, GT, and Super Saiyan 4 forms. It can also be obtained by the Future Warrior by purchasing it from the TP Medal Shop. The user initiates the attack with a roundhouse kick to knock them away, allowing the user to transform into the golden dragon which then rushes towards the opponent, penetrating through them (like how GT Goku used it on Super 17). After performing the attack, the user will revert to their normal form and briefly stand for dramatic effect. If the roundhouse kick portion of the attack is dodged or the opponent guards, the attack will fail, and the actual Dragon Fist portion of the attack is not performed. As part of the 1.17.00 Update DLC, DUAL Dragon Fist was added as the Dual Ultimate Skill for Super Saiyan 4 Goku after purchasing it in Partner Customization. The Future Warrior can purchase the Dual Ultimate Skill at the TP Medal Shop. As part of the 1.18.00 Update DLC, Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta can be customized to have Dragon Fist as an Ultimate Skill. As part of the Conton City Vote Pack DLC, in Extra Mission 09: "Vengeful Villain Baby", if the Future Warrior selects the Goku option, Super Saiyan 4 Goku will use it to finish off Golden Great Ape Baby in a cinematic cutscene and shouts Dragon Fist Explosion before using the technique.

In FighterZ, it is named Dragon Fist Explosion (龍拳爆発) and is Goku (GT)'s Meteor Attack. The attack differs depending on how many teammates Kid Goku has left. If both partners are still in play, the attack will be similar to how he destroyed Super 17 via a Dragon Fist through the opponent and a Kamehameha finisher. If at least one teammate has been knocked out, the move changes so that upon connecting the opening kick, Goku will transform into his Super Saiyan 4 state and perform a full Dragon Fist Explosion ending with the stricken opponent exploding.

In Kakarot, Dragon Fist is one of Goku's learnable skills. It starts with Goku lunging forth to blow back his target with an upwards palm strike, then throwing forth the dragon to assault his opponent in a brief tornado of draconic rage.