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Dragon Final Flash (ドラゴンファイナルフラッシュ Doragon Fainaru Furasshu)[1] is a technique usable by Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta when he is in Shenron Mode.


The Dragon Final Flash is charged like a regular God Final Flash. However, when it is fired, Shenron spins around it, going straight towards the opponent.

Video Game Appearances

The technique appears in Dragon Ball Heroes, and is usable when Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan Vegeta enters Shenron Mode.

In Super Dragon Ball Heroes: World Mission, Dragon Final Flash appears as a Tera Rarity Super Attack Accessory which allows Beat to equip it to any non-Special type card (official or custom) in a Custom Deck or add it to any Custom Card created through Card Creation provided its Blank Card has enough Custom Points to equip it. As a result, Shenron Mode is not required to use it in World Mission.[1]



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