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Dragon Ball

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In spring 1996, Junior TV began broadcasting Dragon Ball once again, this time with a new dubbing from Mediaset. By spring 1998, all episodes were dubbed and broadcasted. This dub was broadcast again by Italia 1 (from June 7, 1999), Italia Teen Television (2003), Hiro (2010), Boing (from January 7, 2013) and Italia 2 (from February 23, 2015).

Dragon Ball Z

The series appeared in Italy on television on April 26, 2000. Mediaset gave the series title What's My Destiny Dragon Ball and began broadcasting on Italia 1. Until April 4, 2001, all episodes were dubbed and broadcasted. The series was broadcast again on Italia Teen Television (from October 1, 2003), Hiro (from December 8, 2008), Boing (from May 23, 2013) and Italia 2 (from June 30, 2014).

Dragon Ball GT

The series was broadcast on Italia 1 from April 5, 2001, and as before, Mediaset dubbed the series. All episodes were dubbed in Italian and broadcasted. The series was re-broadcast by Italia Teen Television from 2003, Hiro from December 8, 2008 and Italia 2, from November 25, 2014.

Dragon Ball Super

The Italian dub of Dragon Ball Super anime series were aired on Italia 1 and Italia 2 since December 23, 2016. As in previous years, Mediaset bought the rights to the series.

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