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SP Full Action Cooler figure

Dragon Ball Z SP Full Action (特別フルアクション) or Special Full Action are snap-together extra-jointed figurines released by Bandai in 1992.


After the big surge of Keshi additions unveiled by Bandai, a series of heavily pose-able figures was released in 1992 incorporating some characters from the Tree of Might movie as well as the Cooler's Revenge movie along with the Frieza Saga.

SP Full Action series

SP Full Action Cooler pre-assembly

Originally released as a model kit snap-off and snap-together base, this additional SP Full Action series has incorporated some of the most articulated pieces ever released under Bandai in the 1990s. These pieces were unique due to their plastic snap-together ability as well as the overall extreme pose-able nature of the joints. The figures have joints near their knees, elbows, shoulders, neck, ankles, and hands. Also, the figures included in this set are available in a selection of purple and white as alternate coloring schemes. This great articulation feature coupled with the rare characters included made the set a rarity yet a very nice collectible set.


The following is a breakdown of all the characters included in the SP Full Action miniature set in accordance.


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