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Dragon Ball Z 2: Super Battle (ドラゴンボールZ2 SUPER BATTLE Doragon Bōru Zetto Tsū Sūpā Batoru) is a video game for arcades based on the anime Dragon Ball Z. It was designed and manufactured in Japan by Banpresto in 1995. The game is a direct sequel to the previous arcade Dragon Ball Z game, produced two years earlier. The game can be played in English or Japanese, suggesting that Banpresto might have planned to release this game internationally like with the previous DBZ arcade game.




Unlike its predecessor, this game's elements are more similar to those of the Butōden series. A unique feature is that each character has his or her own game ending (that does or does not fit into the series' own storyline). Like its predecessor, each of the 10 playable characters have their own battle stage, and several characters from the series who are not playable in the game are seen in the background of those battle stages.

The game is also known for its darker water color palette.


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