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Poster featuring the Wrath of the Dragon movie

Numerous quotations throughout the Dragon Ball movies can be found in the appending sections, broken down in the following format. The following quotes are comprised and collected from the Dragon Ball Z: Wrath of the Dragon full-length movie.


Vegeta: (to Hirudegarn) Hey, you! Over here! I was enjoying my first day off in over a month, until some flat footed, mutated behemoth stepped on my house! You're gonna regret this you freak, all the way to the grave!


Tapion: Now here I am, a thousand years later and nothing's changed. Still a prisoner outside, looking in.

Tapion: (to himself) Minotia...why did your smile have to fade? It won't happen again! I swear!


Hoi: These putrid humans are but a taste of the endless flesh you will consume once whole again. Together, we shall bring this universe to its knees.

Hoi: (to Hirudegarn) Ha ha ha ha! Aha ha ha! Destroy! Destroy! Grind their bones to dust beneath your feet!

Hoi: (about Tapion) Grr...idiot! After a thousand years, you would think he'd learn to play a different tune!


Videl: (Videl receives a transmission) Saiyaman two. Go ahead.
Communicator: We have a situation at Randal Tower. An old man is threatening to jump!
Videl: You think that's bad? I've got trig in twenty.

Bulma: I may have to ask Tapion to stay.
Videl: Uh!? The alien!? That's who Trunks has been hanging out with!?

Bulma: I should've known Hoi was a villain. Those whiskers are a dead giveaway.
Tapion: Yeah. He murdered half our population.

Tapion: (Tapion pulls out his sword and tries to hand it to Trunks) Trunks...there isn't much time left. Quick, strike my heart.
Trunks: Uh!?
Tapion: I can't hold him much longer!
Trunks: You don't know what you're saying!
Tapion: Do you want to see everyone you care about die?
Trunks: But, you're my friend.
Tapion: Ah, Trunks, I know it's not fair to ask you. But there's no other way! I don't want to destroy you! I know death seems cruel, but I welcome this blade. Help me. (Trunks takes the sword and lifts it up) Yes. Thank you Trunks. It was an honor to know you, my brother.
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