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Dragon Ball Z - Best of Goku

The Best of Goku

Dragon Ball Z: The Best of Goku is a DVD collection of the "top seven fan-favorite fights" of Goku on It was released on October 13, 2013.[1]

The other collection, Dragon Ball Z: The Best of Vegeta, featuring the top seven fan-favorite fights of Vegeta, was released on the same date.


The episodes appear as they do on the Orange Bricks. Each episode uses either English audio with the Kikuchi score or original Japanese audio.

  1. Goku vs. Frieza (Episode 103)
  2. Goku vs. Kid Buu (Episode 280)
  3. Goku vs. Vegeta (Episode 31)
  4. Goku vs. Burter and Jeice (Episode 67)
  5. Goku vs. Perfect Cell (Episode 179)
  6. Goku vs. Majin Vegeta (Episode 230)
  7. Goku vs. Majin Buu (Episode 245)


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