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Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot (ドラゴンボールゼット KAKAROット Doragon Bōru Zetto Kakarotto) is a Dragon Ball video game developed by CyberConnect2 and published by Bandai Namco for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows via Steam which was released on January 17, 2020.[1] and the Nintendo Switch on September 24, 2021.

It is an action role-playing game that allows the player to take control of Goku and his friends through different iconic events in the Dragon Ball Z story, ranging from the start of the Saiyan Saga to the end of the Majin Buu Saga. The Super Saiyan God form, along with Beerus and Whis, was added in the DLC expansion New Power Awakens - Part 1. The Super Saiyan Blue form, along with Golden Frieza, was added in New Power Awakens - Part 2.

The game adds to lore not included in the original manga/anime,[2][3] including new explanations on Animal-type Earthlings and on Saiyan tails.[4] It also includes an original character designed by Akira Toriyama himself, Bonyu.[5]

This game also features remixed excerpts of Shunsuke Kikuchi's soundtrack from the original Japanese broadcast of the Dragon Ball Z anime. 


The game is an RPG fighting game somewhat similar to Dragon Ball Xenoverse and its sequel. While the game is generally considered to be open world,[6] it is not completely seamless as the areas are divided into individual hubs that are locked until reaching certain points of the story. These individual areas are large and can be traversed via flying or vehicles. Enemies are scattered throughout the areas and will attempt to fight the player upon detection. Various friendly NPCs can also be found throughout the map, either in cities, villages, or in remote locations. There are several mini-games, including fishing and baseball. One of the game modes is called Training Grounds and allows players to face other characters in order to unlock or improve Super Attacks.


Intermissions are brief periods of free time between sagas in the main story. The player is given more freedom to explore, train, or complete mini/sub stories. It is also a perfect time to make preparations before the next Saga. Additionally, the player can change their controlled character and their support characters (though certain intermissions have limited support characters due to the circumstances of the story).


Main article: Cooking in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Chi-Chi acting as a Cook

Additionally, the game includes a Cooking mechanic to create meals that can permanently boost stats and/or grant temporary buffs. Players can eat raw foods, cook food themselves at a campfire, or seek out various cooks who can prepare meals for the player.

Animals can be hunted for their meat, and fish can be caught through a fishing minigame. Other ingredients can be collected, such as Apples from trees or River Shrimp by river banks. Some ingredients can only be purchased from Grocers.

Campfires allow the player's party to cook caught fish or the meat of animals acquired through hunting. It's important to note that using a campfire causes the cooked food to be consumed immediately, whereas single meals and raw ingredients can be carried around and eaten on the go.

Various Cooks are found throughout the game that can combine your raw ingredients into a single meal. Regular cooks can only prepare one dish at a time, but Chi-Chi can cook full course meals after the Saiyan Saga. Recipes for full course meals can be acquired through talking to various NPCs, and the ingredients are combinations of single meals. Eating meals or raw ingredients triggers an auto-save, making it a convenient method for saving.

While on Namek, the player loses access to the normal Cooks and grocers of Earth. At times the player will have access to fishing holes and campfires to cook meat and fish. Additionally they can eat any dishes and raw food they acquired previously on Earth before leaving. However during Evil Emperor Frieza Episode 3: "Hunt for the Dragon Balls", as Gohan is about to leave in search of the Dragon Ball left near the village Vegeta attacked, Bulma remembers she left a Capsule Corp. Cooking Machine and a Resource Machine in the cave where their Capsule House is located and that he's free to use them (however she neglected to mention the Resource Machine acts as a Food Shop thus Zeni is required thus it serves the same purpose as Grocers). The Cooking Machine can only make single dishes and the Resource Machine's food shop has the same selection as Grocers did on Earth while preparing to go to Namek. When Bulma and the others are forced to abandon the cave (which ironically is not destroyed by Vegeta in the game) due to Vegeta knowing its location, they take the machines to their new camp near the crevasse where Bulma stays. The machines are located near the camp's campfire. After the Frieza Saga, a Cooking Machine and Resource Machine can be found outside the Capsule Corporation near the entrance even though West City has a Grocery and Cooking House. Another Cooking Machine and Resource Machine can be found at the Dinosaur Research facility in the Central Plains Area.

Fishing & Hunting

At the start of the game, after Gohan mentions that they lack rods to fish with when Goku decides to show Gohan how to fish. However Goku wishes to teach Gohan the Tail method of fishing he used as a child by using an artificial tail Bulma created for Goku due to his natural tail being removed by Kami. Bait can be used before fishing to grant benefits such as increasing the number of fish or causing rare gold fish to appear depending upon the bait used. While fishing, the player wiggles the lure (Tail or fishing lure if using a rod) to attract the fish. After getting a bite, the player must press the correct button (the button is random every time) when the meters arrow is in the red part to reel in the fish. The fish jumps out of the water and the player must perform a quick time button press (again the button is random) to attack the fish causing it to fall to the dock after which the player is rewarded with items acquired from the fish. In addition to ingredients fish may also drop items that can be sold to traders or grocers for Zeni. Though characters can swim underwater, they can on pick up small fish and fish eggs as the fish caught fishing are giant sized like ones that Goku is often seen catching in the main series. Gohan can tail fish after receiving his Demon Marked Turtle School Uniform and sword though the origin of the tail he uses is left unexplained as Goku retains his upon returning to Earth after being revived. Piccolo uses an ordinary Fishing Rod to fish with though it is used practically in the same manner as the tails used by Goku and Gohan in terms of game mechanics. Vegeta also uses a Fishing Rod as he first becomes playable on Namek after he loses his tail and continues to use one while living on Earth. Fishing Spots are marked on the area Map when found or all available Fishing Spots in the area can be unlocked by purchasing Fishing Spot info from Guides.

Hunting is a land based animals is relatively easy as the player only has to catch them to acquire their meat and items like horns. This is easy as characters can dash to catch fleeing prey and can hit them with ki blasts to stun them. Deer, Gazelle, and Wolves can be caught in this manner. Pterosaurs can be hunted by shooting them with a ki blast. Dinosaurs can be hunted by hitting them with ki blasts as well though they become enraged and require more blasts to take down as Pterosaurs only require one hit. During his wildness training, Gohan encounters Yajirobe who teaches him the basics of hunting animals. Near the end of his wildness training Gohan hunts a Dinosaur which acts as the dinosaur hunting tutorial. Dinosaur Habitats are marked on the Area Map and are highlighted by Ki Sense as are Pterosaurs.

Destroying Bases

During Saiyan Saga Episode 4, after Gohan decides to return to training under Piccolo after attempting to leave and return home, he finds a old Red Ribbon Army base (resembling an aging Muscle Tower) in the region where he was training will Piccolo. He notices it's controlling nearby enemies and resolves to destroy any he finds. This unlocks the Destroying Bases activity where the player can use Ki Blasts to destroy bases they find. After destroying one, the player will automatically acquire various items from materials, food, dishes, or gifts from the wreckage. RR Bases on Earth resemble Muscle Tower albeit showing signs of age (ironically the towers are not present until Destroying Bases is introduced).

On Namek, the Frieza Force Bases resemble smaller versions of Frieza Force capital ships like Frieza's Spaceship. According to the Frieza Force Grunt entry, these bases are set up by Grunts on colonized worlds as one of the many duties assigned to them. These ships tend to remain stationary in the air with their only movement bring to rotate when attacked. During Frieza Force Episode 1, Vegeta notices the bases and decides to destroy them in addition to any of Frieza's underlings. These bases appear in various locations on the Namek map and can be destroyed by Vegeta, Gohan, or Goku whenever their location is accessible. Like bases on Earth, they automatically drop items when destroyed.

Though Bases are relatively easy to destroy, enemies tend to congregate at them thus the player must be aware of their surroundings when attacking bases if they wish to avoid a fight.


The front cover of the Z Encyclopedia during the intro cutscene that triggers when "Open Z Encyclopedia" is selected from the main menu in Kakarot

The Z-Encyclopedia is a book that contains various entries on the story, characters, enemies, animals, vehicles, items, character relationship charts, locations, terms, cards, videos, and BGM. These entries provide information on the world of Dragon Ball and collecting a certain number of entries unlocks various rewards. Additionally Story Entries feature notes that give further information or mention filler material related to the Story entry. The Z-Encyclopedia even tells how to unlock missing portions and had a bookmark feature allowing the player to easily recheck the unlock requirements. Some entries even have secret sections that must be unlocked separately. Some enemy entries can be added by defeating a certain number or completing a certain portion of the story. Fish and huntable Animals can be added by catching then while Dinosaurs and Pterosaurs can be unlocked by KOing them with Ki Blasts. Location entries can be unlocked by visiting certain areas or through interacting with certain people, for example helping Nam in a certain Sub Story can unlock the entry for the desert region he calls home. Videos tend to unlock through story progression and BGM unlock automatically after playing during certain points (cutscenes, battle, or visiting certain places).

Turtle School Training Manual

During his reunion with Krillin, Bulma, and Master Roshi, Goku and Krillin both note they haven't been training as much as they would like to which Master Roshi overhears. Master Roshi gives his students the Turtle School Training Manual to help them in their daily training. The manual contains various objectives such as collecting a certain amount of Z-Orbs, playing the game for a certain amount of time, and other activities. Completing them allows the player to receive various rewards. The Manual is accessible through its section in the Story portion of the Main Menu.

Training Grounds

Training Grounds are areas where characters can perform Mental Simulation Training to face off against mental images of various fighters to unlock Super Attacks. D-Medals are required as payment to perform Mental Simulation Training. Certain Super Attacks can only be unlocked through Training Grounds. D-Medals can be found by exploring various locations or received as rewards for unlocking a certain number of Z-Encyclopedia entries.

In addition to the D-Medal cost, Mental Simulation Training exercises to unlock Super Attacks may require a another Super Attack be leveled up to unlock a new one. For example, Gohan's Super Masenko requires his Masenko to be Lvl 3. Some super attacks are locked until the player reaches a certain point in the story and/or reaches a certain level. Super Moves that require Mental Simulation Training to unlock are marked with a Training Ground icon.


D-Medals are required to access training exercises at the Training Grounds once the Skill Tree and any other requirements to access the exercise are met. D-Medals can be found in the environment or as rewards for completing story missions, side missions, clearing Turtle School Training Manual objectives, or unlocking a certain number of Z-Encyclopedia Entries. Ki Sense will cause D-Medals item sphere to appear larger. D-Medal item spheres differ from Key Item/Gift item spheres which are purple while D-Medals change color however they appear larger than Rainbow Z-Orbs when viewed via Ki Sense. Each exercise costs a certain number of D-Medals so it is a good idea to collect them whenever the player finds one in the field. D-Medals in the field must be picked up manually by pressing the Examine/Talk button.

Soul Emblems

Main article: Soul Emblems

Soul Emblems

Acquire Soul Emblems as you progress through the Story or Sub Quests in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot. Soul Emblems will activate different effects in the game by placing them on the the various Community Boards. Each Soul Emblem has its own stats related to its proficiency in a particular Community Board. Additionally it also has a Friendship Level which grant different rewards upon reaching a certain level of Friendship. Some Characters Z Encyclopedia entries or locked sections of their entry can be unlocked by leveling up their Soul Emblem's Friendship to a specific level. Soul Emblem also grant link bonuses if certain emblems are placed together in connecting slots on a Community Board which can increase the level of the Community they are placed in. The bonus will also trigger a brief conversation between the characters that the Soul Emblem's represent.

In addition to the game's protagonists and their allies, the Soul Emblems for villains can also be acquired though some require Sub Stories featuring then to be completed.

Community Boards & Community Skills

Soul Emblems can be placed in slots located on Community Boards. Adding Emblems increases the level of a specific board granting Community Skills which grant different benefits depending upon the board. A link bonus can be triggered if certain Soul Emblem are placed in connecting slots. However each board is represented by specific Soul Emblem that acts as its Community Leader which is locked to its corresponding board. Giving gifts to a character's Soul Emblem can increase its proficiency within a particular Community Board depending upon the gift given. The game's Sub Story Quests all correspond to the theme of one of the Community Boards (for example Sub Stories related to Cooks or cooking corresponds to the Cooking Community). The Community Board features no actual online connectivity between players as its name might suggest.

There are seven Community Boards in total each with a different theme, Community Leader, and number of Soul Emblem slots:

  • Z Warrior Community - The Community Board representing the Z Warriors which features its eleven slots over top of the "Z" logo. Its Community Skills increase the Support Gauge's Initial Value (the percentage of how much the Support Gauge is filled up at the start of battle), Melee ATK percentage, and Ki ATK percentage. The Soul Emblem of the game's titluar main protagonist Goku is the Community Leader for this board.
  • Cooking Community - The Community Board related to Cooking and grants Community Skills that increase the effectiveness and duration of stat boosts and meal effects. Chi-Chi's Soul Emblem is the Community Leader for this board. Its 15 slots are arranged atop a picture of two plates and a bowl containing food representing a full course meal with Chi-Chi's Emblem slot located on the main bowl with seven open slots while the right plate has 4 slots and the left plate has 3 slots.
  • Training Community - The Community Board related to Training and grants Community Skills that boost Melee DEF, Ki DEF, and the percentage of EXP earned from battles. The board has 23 Slots arranged over a picture of King Kai's Planet. As it is represented by his planet, King Kai's Soul Emblem is the Community Leader for this board.
  • Development Community - The Community Board related to developing machines and features Community Skills that increase Max machine level, build success rates, and Build Zeni cost. Its 12 slots feature a picture of the Dragon Radar. Fittingly the Soul Emblem of the Dragon Radar's inventor Bulma acts as the Community Leader for this board.
  • Community of the Gods - The Community Board representing the divine realm and grants Community Skills that increase Items, Z-Orbs, and Villainous Z-Orbs earned in battle. Its 14 slots are arranged atop a picture of The Lookout. The Soul Emblem of the Lookout's long time caretaker Mr. Popo is the Community Leader for this board.
  • Adult Community - The Community Board representing Adult or mature themes and features Community Skills that increase the chances of Frenzy events, increase Item Selling Price, and decrease Item Purchase Price. Its 9 slots are arranged atop a pile of Dirty Magazines. Not surprisingly the Soul Emblem of the Lecherous Master Roshi acts as the Community Leader for this board.
  • Adventure Community - The Community representing Adventure afeatures Community Skills that increase the percentage of effect for Recovery Items, HP percentage, and Ki percentage. Its 12 slots are arranged atop a picture of a treasure chest filled with treasure. The Soul Emblem of Yajirobe is the Community Leader for thIs Board
  • Skill Trees
  • Main article: Skill Tree in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot The Skill Tree in Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot lists the progression of super moves and supporting skills that are unlocked and improved through various gameplay elements. Super Moves marked with a Training Ground icon (represented by a flexing muscle) require the character to perform a Mental Simulation Training session at Training Grounds to unlock them. Some moves and skills are locked until the player reaches a certain point in the story or if said point has been reached they may need to additionally reach a certain level before they are unlocked. To acquire a move or skill on the Skill Tree, they player must pay the specified amount and color of Z-Orbs. Pressing the Confirm Button while the cursor is on a locked skill tree node will bring up a How to Acquire prompt which will either give a title giving an idea what point in the story it will become available, Level requirement, or if the node has a Training Ground icon and other requirements are met it will say to Complete Exercises on the Training Grounds.

Z-Orbs & Time Orbs

Z-Orbs are commonly found in the environment and can be collected while flying. They come in several different colors: Red, Blue, Green, and Rainbow. Rainbow Z-Orbs are the rarest and contain a lot of energy when collected. Additionally defeating Villainous Enemies allows characters to acquire rare Villainous Z-Orbs. Certain foods can boost the amount of Z-Orbs dropped by defeated Enemies as can certain Community Board bonuses. Time Orb's that are collected produce a trail of multiple Z-Orbs nearby that appear only for a limited time. Most Z-Orbs found in the environment will respawn whenever a Save File is loaded (Rainbow Z-Orbs do not). Z-Orbs also respawn if the player goes to a different area then returns). Z-Orb trails can also lead player's to points of interest.

According to the Turtle School Training Manual descriptions for various Z Orb collection exercises, Z Orbs are special orbs that are only visible to those who know how to control Ki.

Villainous & Super Villainous Enemies

During Stop the Saiyan Invasion Episode 4: "Freedom!", Gohan confronts powerful foes known as Villainous Enemies and this causes them to start appearing on Earth. Villainous Enemies are evil foes with sinister crimson auras and are much more powerful. However defeating them will net the player rare Villainous Z-Orbs and rare special items. If one continues to defeat Villainous Enemies even more powerful ones will appear. The stronger they are the greater the rewards.

Eventually Super Villainous Enemies will start appearing and defeating all Super Villainous Enemies in an area will cause even more powerful enemies to show up.

Surge Effect

In battle, when the Character's Tension Gauge is full and Ki is full or charged up to the max, the Surge effect is activated causing the character to power themselves up causing their body to become shrouded in aura boosting all the character's stats and allowing them to perform unique attacks and cancel Super Attacks and combos into other actions, as well as automatically chase after knocked back opponents. Surge gives the player the freedom to chain together attacks they normally can't chain together, as well as do things like fire off multiple Kamehamehas one after another.

Additionally finishing off the last enemy or single boss with certain Super Attacks and transformations during the Surge effect can result in a Super Finish where the character will finish them off in dramatic fashion. For example, Goku's Kaioken and Kamehameha (or a upgraded version like the Super Kamehameha) will trigger a scene of the energy wave being fired out into space from orbit.

Dragon Ball Hunting & Wishes

During the Intermission after the Frieza Saga, Bulma contacts Gohan after the Namekians have relocated to New Namek to tell him the Earth Dragon Balls have recharged since the last time they were used to revive the Namekians killed by the Frieza Force and Vegeta. She suggests he try hunting them himself which introduces Dragon Ball Hunting and Making Wishes with the Dragon Balls. When the player collects all seven of them, they'll be able to make a wish from the Dragon Ball Menu which can be found on the Main Menu screen. They can also use the Dragon Ball Menu to look at the Dragon Balls they've collected and check the Wish List which shows the wishes that can be currently made once all seven are collected. The player can wish for rare items, a large sum of Z-Orbs or Zeni, or even revive and power up bosses they've already defeated in the story.

However, the timing at which wishes can be granted changes throughout the story. There will be limitations on wishes in the main story, but those limitations won't be present during intermissions; the player will be able to make as many wishes as they want. However, making wishes will cause the Dragon Balls to become temporarily unavailable. They will be available again after 20 minutes of real-world time.

As the Dragon Radar represents both the Area Map and Mini Map, Dragon Balls can be seen on both. When near a Dragon Ball it will make their signature sound (which the Dragon Balls normally make when all seven are together in the anime) and also emit mystical glow. The mini map features a Shenron design around the Radar with seven Dragon Ball slots along its back on the Radar's left side. The Dragon Balls will appear in there correspondening slot after being collected. The World Map will also show which Areas have a Dragon Ball currently in them.

Post Frieza Saga Wish List
  • "I want to fight Raditz again!" - Bring dead characters back from the Other World. Revives Goku's older brother Raditz allowing Piccolo to take on Raditz's Sub Story.
  • "I want to fight Nappa again!" - Bring dead characters back from the Other World. Revives Vegeta's former partner Nappa allowing Gohan to take on Nappa's Sub Story.
  • "I want to fight Dodoria again!" - Bring dead characters back from the Other World. Revives Frieza's henchmen Dodoria allowing Gohan to take on Dodoria's Sub Story.
  • "I want to fight Zarbon again!" - Bring dead characters back from the Other World. Revives Frieza's henchmen Zarbon allowing Gohan to take on Zarbon's Sub Story.
  • "I want to fight the Ginyu Force again!" - Bring dead characters back from the Other World. Revives the Ginyu Force allowing Gohan to take on the Ginyu Force's Sub Story.
  • "I want Z Orbs!" - Receive a large amount of Z Orbs to use in processing through your Super Attack Skill Tree.
  • "I want to be rich!" - Receive a large amount of Zeni so you can purchase a wide variety of items.
  • "I want rare items!" - Receive rare items that are difficult to acquire by normal means.

Horde Battle

The Horde Battle

In the Horde Battle, you will be fighting against a massive number of enemies.

Z Combination

When launching this skill in the Horde Battle, you will be able to wipe out numerous enemies at once. And the number of enemies you’re able to take out depends on the amount of combos you’ve been able to connect before launching the Z Combination. So combos will mean a lot more compared to what they do in regular battles.

Dragon Ball Card Warriors

Dragon Ball Card Warriors

An Online Card Game where you can enjoy fast-paced card battle with players across the globe, with three online modes.

Players will be able to build effective tactics to defeat their opponents, strategically using two decks of cards with various features. Reducing the HP of the opponent's leader to zero will propel to victory.

Three different online modes will be part of "Dragon Ball Card Warriors":

  • Casual Mode - where players can play random games against other players without rank consideration
  • Ranking Battle Mode - for more important stakes, players can try the Ranking Battle mode, where winning or losing impacts their rank
  • Tournament Battle - A monthly event where players are separated into three opposing teams. Players from the best team will get an exclusive reward!


The primary storyline of Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot follows the events of the Raditz Saga through to the end of the Kid Buu Saga of Dragon Ball Z.

After the Buu Saga, there is an original storyline that acts as a prequel to the events of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 as it deals with how Towa rebuilt Mira after he was reduced to his core following his defeat by the Time Patrol in Age 774 and Mira's previously unseen confrontation with the Z Warriors shortly after the defeat of Kid Buu in the main timeline of Kakarot. The events of this game occur in a separate timeline from Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, though the Towa and Mira who appear are the same in both games

As part of the New Power Awakens - Part 1 DLC, an abridged version of the Battle of Gods storyline was introduced to Kakarot albeit with plot elements and events happening entirely if not completely different from the original Battle of Gods storyline especially with the setting taking place in Beerus' Planet rather than on Earth in the original events. The DLC also adds a few substories to go along with it.

The second DLC, New Power Awakens - Part 2, introduces the Resurrection ‘F’ storyline as playable content as well and follows the story a lot more truer to its storyline as compared to the first DLC although with some omissions and differences. The DLC also adds along a few new substories to go along with it.

A third DLC titled, -Trunks- The Warrior of Hope, follows the events depicted in The History of Trunks special and Trunks The History - The Lone Warrior special side-story manga chapter as well as depicting the defeat of both Future Android 17 and 18 and the eventual defeat of Future Cell by Future Trunks in Future Trunks' timeline after Future Trunks' return to his timeline following the Cell Games. In addition to that, the DLC also includes the events of the Buu Saga depicted in Future Trunks' timeline as shown in the Dragon Ball Super manga where Future Trunks defeats Future Babidi, Future Dabura and their minions with the help and deaths of Future Shin and Future Kibito after training with them in the Sacred World of the Kai to prevent the release of Future Majin Buu in Future Trunks' timeline.

There are also several new storylines:

  • "Master Roshi's Prized Possession": During the reunion at Kame House during the Saiyan Saga, Goku notices Turtle mumbling to himself. Master Roshi then tasks Goku to find his missing "book", which turns out one of his Dirty magazines. This Sub Story acts as the game's introduction to Sub Stories.
  • "Nam the Peddler": While in the East Ravine Area before his fatal showdown with Raditz, Goku encounters his old friend Nam who has come to East Ravine to sell things to raise money to buy water and food for his village. Goku offers to help him and he receives a stone that Nam picked up which Goku uses to initiate a short trading quest that ends with him receiving Food and Water Capsules that contain enough food and water for Nam's Village.
  • "Gentle Giant": While in the East Ravine Area before his showdown with Raditz, Goku finds his old friend Android 8 who had come to the region to stop some Rampaging Robots created by the Red Ribbon Army in the past. Goku helps him by defeating the robots.
  • "Telekinesis Training*: During Saiyan Saga Episode 3, after defeating Tien in a sparring match, Piccolo can talk to Chiaotzu. Chiaotzu tries to test his telekinesis and so with Tien, he has a sparring match with Piccolo.
  • "The Fifth Trainee": During Saiyan Saga Episode 3, Piccolo and Yajirobe encounter each other, and both suspect their motives. Piccolo then discovers that Yajirobe only wanted to flee from him due to fear.
  • "The Pilaf Gang's Plan": During the Intermission after Saiyan Saga Episode 7 up until Frieza Saga Episode 8 Intermission, Gohan can encounter the Pilaf Gang near a cave in the West Area near Gingertown. The gang attempt another scheme using robots but are thwarted by Gohan. He then leaves them alone.
  • "Finding Launch": Within the main story after after Saiyan Saga Episode 7 up until Frieza Saga Episode 8 Intermission. Master Roshi sends Gohan to locate Launch, worried about her situation after the Saiyan invasion. He eventually finds her threatening some civilians, and they went off their separate ways.
  • "Foreboding Fear": During the Intermission after Saiyan Saga Episode 7, Bulma and Gohan investigate the crash site of Raditz's spaceship. Gohan finds a mysterious chip. This eventually forebodes their eventual encounter with the the tyrant, Frieza.
  • "Mysterious Power Reading": After "Foreboding Fear" is completed, a new Sub Story becomes available. Having repaired Raditz's Scouter after it blew trying to read Goku's power level during the fight with Vegeta, Bulma detects a high power level which she notes is too high for Master Roshi to deal with and asks Gohan to investigate. Discovering a High-Level Carrot after defeating Saibamen, he returns to Bulma, who surmises that the pod contained Saibamen Sets. This Sub Story indicates Raditz did indeed have his own Saibamen Set like he did in the What-if Saga Fateful Brothers, but it remained inside his space pod and the Sub Story gives an idea what happened to it after Gohan destroyed the pod.
  • "Familiar Face": During the Intermission after Saiyan Saga Episode 7, Gohan can encounter Tao Pai Pai and the Crane Hermit outside of his home demanding to speak with Chi-Chi. They scheme to offer protection if a monster they mention is defeated. They flee after discovering Gohan's relation to Goku.
  • "Like a Different Person": During Frieza Force Episode 1, Gohan finds his grandfather Ox-King outside Goku's House and talks to him. Ox-King says he's worried about Chi-Chi who is apparently troubled by Gohan's plans to leave for Namek so soon after he returned home following the defeat of Vegeta. He asks Gohan to talk to her. While talking to Chi-Chi he overhears her mention they are out of carrots, onions, and meat. Gohan tells his grandfather and the two decide to help get Chi-Chi some carrots, onions, and Beast Meat. While Ox-King gets the carrots and onions, Gohan hunts deer to acquire Beast Meat. He returns with the ingredients. After some talk, Gohan's resolve cheers his mother up.
  • "Wild Imagination": During the "Frieza Saga Episode 1 while preparing for the trip to Namek, Gohan visits Krillin at Kame House. He finds him reading a Dirty Magazine. He then has Gohan and himself learn the Mental Simulation Training as they journey to Namek.
  • "Yamcha's Alive!": During the Frieza Saga Episode 1 before going to Namek, Gohan finds Oolong in front of the Capsule Corporation. A terrified Oolong tells Gohan about Yamcha seemingly alive. They eventually discover that "Yamcha" is actually Puar in disguise. He apologized thereafter.
  • "Victimized Namekian": During his search for the Four-Star Namekian Dragon Ball that Vegeta had hidden, Gohan finds a Namekian Child being threatened by some Combatants that want to take him prisoner to interrogate him about the Dragon Balls and comes to his rescue. The Namekian, Necke, distrusts Gohan initially. He is then revealed by Bulma to have a stress contidion that prevents him from hydrating himself. He eventually warms up to Gohan.
  • "Selfish Bulma: During Frieza Saga Episode 4, Dissasisfied with her settlement, Bulma requests an Iron Orb and Alien Whitefish Fin Muscles. Bulma eventually acquires the items and sets up her camp.
  • "Tourists in Trouble": While on their way to Guru's House, Gohan and Krillin encounter an Alien couple who happen to be tourists on a trip to visit various planets. The couple mistake them for Namekians and are blissfully ignorant of the Frieza Force's invasion of the planet. When Krillin's attempts to convince them to leave fall on deaf ears, they learn the couple is searching for a Maristone the 19th rarest gemstone in Universe 7 according to their encyclopedia "Gemstones of the Universe, Ranked". They retrieve the item and much to their chagrin, the couple are blissfully ignorant of the dire situation at hand.
  • "Rogue Chef Melone": Gohan and Krillin don Battle Armor from Frieza's Spaceship, they find a Frieza Force Soldier (a green skinned red head who is a special variant of Frieza Force Officer) who they decide to take down, but find that he is incredibly weak and is defeated quickly. The soldier reveals himself to be a chef looking for ingrediants for the Frieza Force. The fruit are a Yuckermelon, Ajisa Orange, and a Rollonut. Melone promises to reward them something good if they can collect the fruit for him.
  • "Attacked Villager: During the Intermission following the Frieza Saga, Gohan finds the Kooky Cook (who he had met previously when he acquired the Meat Course Recipe for his mother during the previous Intermission) on the wooden bridge spanning the river near his home who is under attack by three Lvl 32 Kaiwaremen. Gohan steps in to rescue her in his mother's steed (as Chi-Chi normally saves the cook from wolves and beasts attracted by the food the cook carries after returning from her shopping trips). After defeating the Kaiwaremen, he checks on the cook who recognizes him as Chi-Chi's son. Thankful for him saving her life, she rewards him with the Seafood Course Recipe, Plain White Rice, and Bean Pasta.
  • "The Mystery of the Missing Tail": While aimlessly visiting Kame House during the Intermission after the Frieza Saga, Gohan encounters Oolong and the two spark up a conversation regarding Gohan's missing tail, causing Oolong to reveal to him how Kami removed it to prevent Goku's Great Ape transformation. Gohan then seeks for answers from Kami and Vegeta, and learn that Saiyans who become Super Saiyans no longer needed tails as they surpass the Great Ape form in power.
  • "The Pride of the Warrior Race": During the Intermission following the Frieza Saga after the Dragon Team collect the Dragon Balls, they can make a wish to resurrect Goku's late brother Raditz by selecting "I want to fight Raditz again!" from the wish list. A vengeful Raditz wants to challenge the Namekian who killed him, aided by two Saibamen, and is baffled about the Super Namekian's power. After the battle, Piccolo lets him live but Raditz does not intend to repent.
  • "The Mystical Member of the Ginyu Force": Goku discovers the Battle Data on Bonyu in the Ginyu Force space pod he is using, after getting back to Earth he has the data put into the Capsule Corp. Training Room and fights the Virtual Fighting Data of Bonyu.
  • "A Competitive Party with Friends": A story set just after Goku returns from Yardrat. However, this sub-quest is exclusive to the players who pre-order the game.









  • Dinosaurs
    • Grandiosaurus
    • Megalosaurus
    • Gigantosaurs
    • Ferocisaurus
    • Durasaurus (Sub Story: "Close Encounters of the Troublesome Kind" only)
  • Pterosaurs
    • Vermilion Pterosaur
    • Azure Pterosaur
  • Gazelle
    • Prairie Gazelle
    • Desert Gazelle
    • Black Gazelle
    • Golden Gazelle
  • Deer
    • Mountain Deer
    • Giant Golden Deer
    • Large-Antlered Caribou
  • Wolf
    • White Wolf
    • Golden Wolf
  • Rabbit (referenced via the item Frozen Rabbit Meat)
  • Energetic Fish
    • Great Energetic Fish
    • Golden Energetic Fish
  • Big Fish
    • Blue Fish
    • Red Fish
    • Golden Fish
  • Huge Trout
    • Turquoise Trout
    • Ruby Trout
    • Golden Trout
  • Goliath Catfish
    • Azure Catfish
    • Scarlet Catfish
    • Golden Catfish
  • Namekian Whitefish
    • Black Namekian Fish
    • Golden Namekian Fish
  • Clam
  • River Shrimp
  • Snail
    • Abalone
    • Horned Turban
    • Meaty River Snail
  • Namekian Frog
  • Chicken
    • Bantam
  • White Bird
    • Mountain Bird
  • Pigeon
    • Blue Pigeon
    • Red Pigeon
  • Giant Eagle
  • Dog
    • Black Dog



Civilian Vehicles




East Ravine Area

Southeast Mountains Area

Southeast Islands Area

Central Plains Area

Continent Center Area

West Area

West Forest Area

Kami's Lookout Area

North Mountains Area

Far Southern Islands Area

Great West Desert Area

King Kai's Planet Area

Planet Namek Area

Land of the Kais Area

Other World

Pre-Order Bonus and Editions

Collectors Edition

The Collectors Edition

  • The game
  • Collectable Steelbook
  • Hardcover Art Book
  • An exclusive diorama figure
  • The Season Pass (including two story missions) (UK only)

The Deluxe Edition

  • The game
  • The Season Pass (including three story missions)
  • +1 deluxe cooking item

The Ultimate Edition

  • The game
  • The Season Pass (including three story missions)
  • A deluxe cooking item
  • Music compilation pack with 11 additional songs
  • Tao Pai Pai Pillar

Pre-Order Bonus

Pre-Ordering the game grants purchasers

  • The sub-quest "A Competitive Party With Friends"
  • Early access to Bonyu's training
  • Smiling Ultra Mega Roost cooking item that grants a permanent Melee ATK and HP stat boost

Season Pass

The Season Pass

  • Includes three story missions
  • Steaming-Hot Grilled Fish cooking item

Dragon Ball Legends X Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot

Main article: Dragon Ball Legends

Character Illustration of Kakarot Goku (DBL-EVT-14S) in Dragon Ball Legends

In Dragon Ball Legends, there is a special collaboration event with Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot which allows players to acquire the event exclusive character Kakarot Goku (DBL-EVT-14S) which is based upon base form Goku from Kakarot. Kakarot Goku (DBL-EVT-14S) has a unique Strike Attack animation that incorporates Rapid Movement and is currently the only character in Dragon Ball Legends to have the episode tag "Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot". His character illustration and victory cutscene also depict him riding the Flying Nimbus like in Kakarot though like Kakarot, Goku uses Flight to move around in battle.

The event is called Dragon Ball Legends X :Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot: "The Saiyan Raised on Earth" and features an event exclusive Exchange Shop where players can trade events items based off food/ingredient items from Kakarot, Apples, Energetic Fish, and rare Prime Marbled Dino Meat. Additionally items related to Limit Breaking, Soul Boosting, and Zenkai Awakening Kakarot Goku (DBL-EVT-14S) can be obtained during the event allowing players to make him stronger. There also also an exclusive PVP message and titles related to the event.


Publication Score
IGN 7.0/10
Game Informer 8.0/10
GameSpot 7.0/10
Destructoid 7.0/10
Review compilations
Metacritic 74% (based on 46 reviews)

IGN awarded the game a 7 out of 10, citing "When Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot is at its best, it’s incredible. The big moments of each saga are brought to life impeccably with beautiful visuals and effects – but more than that, Kakarot also shows love to the smaller, more character driven moments that made fans fall in love with the anime in the first place. As a result, Kakarot is a wonderful way to revisit the story of Dragon Ball Z, whether you’re a fan or looking to jump in for the first time.

However, while it’s backed by extremely solid combat, it also comes with major drawbacks like poorly implemented RPG mechanics, a general lack of polish, and some disappointingly shallow and repetitive sidequests."

In Japan, the game sold 89,537 copies in its first week of release[7]. This marks higher opening week sales than Dragon Ball FighterZ which sold 68,731 copies and is the highest opening week sales for a Dragon Ball game in Japan since 2008's Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit.

In March 2020, Bandai Namco announced sales of over 2 million worldwide[8]. By December 2021, sales of 4.5 million were announced.[9]


  • As far as voice acting is concerned, this is the first game that Aya Hisakawa voiced Bulma in for the Japanese version (she also voices Baby Trunks).
    • This is also the first Funimation dub production that Kid Trunks has the same voice actor as his baby counterpart, as in this case, it's Alexis Tipton, who's been voicing Kid Trunks since Super.
    • This marks the debut of Masashi Ebara as Mr. Satan as Unshō Ishizuka passed away in 2018.
    • This is the first game where Bill Jenkins voiced Guru reprising his role from Dragon Ball Z Kai.
    • Doc Morgan and Kyle Hebert reprised their roles as the Narrator from Dragon Ball Z Kai and Dragon Ball Z in trailers for the game.
    • Todd Haberkorn's voice for Android 19 in the game is different from his performance in Dragon Ball Z Kai.
    • Despite reprising Dodoria and Farmer with Shotgun, John Swasey does not reprise his role as ZTV Cell Games reporter, instead being filled in by Kyle Phillips.
  • Oddly, while Gohan's quotes and voice changes as the story progressed in the Community board, Dende's voice don't change even though that his adult voice actor present in the game.
  • Super Saiyan God Vegeta and Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks are the only playable characters who do not appear at any manga or anime content that related to Dragon ball Z.
    • Super Saiyan 2 Future Trunks however did appear as a transformation for him in the Budokai series.
  • In this game, Raditz died normaly by succumbing to the wound left behind Piccolo's Special Beam Cannon, rather than have the latter finish him off.



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