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A Dragon Ball Wiki guideline refers to the etiquette and common practice observed involving the creation, editing, and management of articles on Dragon Ball Wiki to make management and presentation more consistent and streamlined. As the current size of the wiki can be easily accounted for, guidelines, like policies, are generally enforced by administration, although this is not always exclusively the case.

Guidelines include ways of organizing information and creating and using shared resources such as categories and templates. Most guidelines can be found in the Dragon Ball Wiki guidelines category.

Examples of Dragon Ball Wiki guidelines[]

  • Best practices when creating new articles.
  • Redirecting alternate names to articles.
  • Participating in discussions about articles.
  • Archiving lengthy discussions.
  • Breaking up articles into separate articles (lists, for example).

Miscellaneous guidelines[]

Guidelines too small to have their own pages.

Deleting pages and redirects[]

If nonconstructive pages or redirects are spotted, the issue should be immediately reported to an administrator, as these meet the criteria for speedy deletion. Users may choose to blank such a disruptive or inaccurate page until the issue has been followed up by a sysop, but this is not a guideline that is strictly enforced by administration.

Some straightforward examples of pages or redirects that should be marked for deletion include a redirect to a user, as usernames in the main namespace are not allowed, or obscene and/or unfounded search criteria serving as a redirect to a legitimate article. Any pages containing content biased or unrepresentative of the Dragon Ball franchise is likely a candidate for speedy deletion.