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Grammar Project

The Grammar Project is a place where a group of users can get together and help maintain the wiki by keeping it free of incorrect grammar, syntax, tenses, and the like.

Project Members

If you want to help the group out, please contact Shakuran13 or SaiyanElite before adding yourself to the project. All members are required to be active on the wiki and participate in Grammar Project work. Non-contributing members will be given one month before their name is removed. Also after having joined the project, feel free to add the Grammar Project template to your personal user page!

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Active Members

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For a full page grammar edit, go into Source mode, and all the misspelled words will be underlined if you are using a modern browser. If Source mode does not do this, copy the page into Microsoft Word, run the page through a spell-check and judge whether or not the change it is telling you to make is actually a correct change. If so, go back into the actual article and make the change. Do not correct file names; a file called Vegeta_figths_Cell.jpg may exist, but Vegeta_fights_Cell may not, or may be a totally different image. Also, file names are case-sensitive. Goku.jpg and goku.jpg are not the same file. Once you have gone through the spell-check, read through it and make sure that everything flows and that you did not miss anything.

  • All sections of an article describing fictional events (in-universe) should be placed in present tense. All sections about real events which have already occurred should be in past tense.
  • The preferred grammar and spelling convention on the site is American English.
  • Find an article that needs work done, complete the work and add the article to the list of completed pages. Pages not listed in the completed pages section are of higher priority to check than ones already there.

Spelling in Words

There are many different types of English. Examples are American English and British English. To prevent this leading to conflicts, the Dragon Ball Wiki requires the use of American English in articles. For more information, please see the examples below. Also see American and British English spelling differences on Wikipedia.

UK US Dragon Ball Wiki
Aluminium Aluminum Aluminum
Moustache Mustache Mustache
Sledge Sled Sled
Speciality Specialty Specialty

UK US Dragon Ball Wiki
-our (Honour) -or (Honor) -or
-re (Centre) -er (Center) -er
-ce (Licence) -se (License) -se
-ise (Organise) -ize (Organize) -ize
-ogue (Catalogue) -og (Catalog) -og
No dropped e (ageing) Dropped e (aging) Dropped e

List of Articles in Need of Work

All articles not listed as completed should be reviewed for grammatical error. Any article that is in particular need of special attention will be listed here.

At the moment, all articles are in need of work. You can start by going through the categories below and working on them. As the number of articles needing help decreases, the list below will become shorter.

Anyone is welcome to add more categories, as long as the contents of said categories are not duplicated from the categories above.

List of Complete Articles

Work that has been completed but will be under review for possible grammar, syntax, and tense mistakes.

At the moment, 47 articles are complete. Please place completed articles in this section.

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