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June 14, 2017 - August 18, 2018

Frieza DBSuperEpisode20

You should have held your tongue. You compare this insignificant nothing to Zarbon and Dodoria? Was that a joke? Ha! Either you brought the most cowardly of all my troops to my welcoming party, or the Frieza Force has become woefully faint of heart. How do you expect us to run an empire that strikes fear across the galaxies while we're cowering from a handful of Saiyan garbage! - Frieza

August 19 - August 29


My form is justice. And my form is the world. Worship me. Give praise unto me. Me, the beautiful, the sublime... Me, the invincible, the almighty and divine... All hail Zamasu! - Fused Zamasu

August 29 - September 16

Gowasu 13

The role of the Supreme Kai and all other Kais is creation. We are not meant to have a direct hand in our creation's affairs if we can avoid it. - Gowasu

September 16


Well, I can't decide where to put the stereo speakers... Positioning speakers for the best possible sound is an art form, I'll have you know! - Dr. Brief

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